What is Volunteering+ @ TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus?
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Volunteering Fair in October 2018 the staff and students of TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus are being asked to ‘bank’ the hours they have spent volunteering since September 2017 into the Volunteering+ timebank.   Our target is to try and bank 10,000 hours by September 2018.  Every hour banked will gain 1 EduUnit towards supports for TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus Students.

Volunteering at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus

How to register your Volunteering Hours

Volunteering Signup


Volunteering + at IT Tallaght

Beneficiaries will be announced at the Volunteering Fair on 16th October 2018

How do I bank the hours I spend volunteering?

  1. Register at the volunteering station in the main Reception area
  2. You will be given a volunteering+ ID
  3. Keep banking your hours online until September 2018
  4. Out timebank barometer (in the reception area) will be updated monthly to see how close we are to reaching our target.

Volunteering + at IT Tallaght

Recognising your commitment to volunteering
Gold, Sliver and Bronze digital badges can be claimed to acknowledge the commitment of individual  IT Tallaght staff and students to volunteering. One of the key criteria for the badge is the volunteering hours that the individual has banked.

What Constitutes Volunteering?

  • Any time you spend helping or supporting  any member/s of a community – not just in Tallaght!
  • Supporting peers, running clubs, coaching, animal welfare, caring for the elderly or those with special needs, youth clubs, summer camps, courses, running competitions, working with schools etc.
  • It includes students/staff who run clubs and societies and those who help out at SU or community events or on campaigns.

The Volunteering hours you claim must be additional to those you are required to do as part of your course

Volunteering + at IT Tallaght

Further inquiries
Twitter:  @ITTVolPlus

Minister Mitchell O’Connor’s visit
Minister Mitchell O’Connor’s visit
Green Campus
10th Annual Volunteer Fair
10th Annual Volunteer Fair
Minister Mitchell O’Connor’s visit
10th Annual Volunteer Fair
10th Annual Volunteer Fair
10th Annual Volunteer Fair
10th Annual Volunteer Fair
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