Supporting Resources and Facilities

The CREATE Centre has two dedicated research laboratories with a suite of electrochemical potentiostats, multichannel potentiostat and scanning electrochemical microscopy capability. This enables electrochemical and surface characterisation of synthesised materials/reagents and evaluation of sensor performance.

Electrochemical workstations (11) including quartz crystal microbalance and multichannel potentiostat; Scanning electrochemical microscope (2); Range of macro- and microelectrodes (r < 10μm); Surface science suite: SEM, AFM, Contact angle, Langmuir Blodgett; Ink/screen jet printing facility, laser etching and bio-deposition capability.


Dimatix inkjet printing facilities

DEK Screen printing instrument for rapid fabrication of disposable
electrochemical sensors

Additional Internal Resources include Spectroscopic (FTIR, UV/Vis); Multinuclear NMR; GC-MS; Chromatographic (GC, LC, HPLC); Clean room facility (NCAM).

Material Characterisation (surface analysis suite)

Langmuir Blodgett Trough enables creation of single, and multilayer films with precise control of thickness, molecular orientation and packing density
Access to specialist equipment/facilities is available at University of Limerick (MSSI), Tyndall Institute (NAP programme) and DCU (NCSR), NUI Maynooth (animal neuro-monitoring unit).


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