Submission Procedures

STEP 1 - Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis

All students must give their Supervisors three months notice of their intention to submit their thesis.
The student can only give such notice following approval from their supervisors indicating that the work is at a stage suitable for submission.
Principal Supervisor proposes Internal and External examiners for the candidate by this stage and must seek the approval of the Head of Department (HOD) for any new examiner proposed.

  • - See External Examiners of Research Degrees Criteria
  • - See Internal Examiners of Research Degrees Criteria


On receipt of approval from the HOD, the Principal Supervisor completes the appropriate HETAC Form [Notification of intention to submit a thesis for examination] and submits it to the Registrar.

Where a supervisor proposes a new external examiner, then the form must be accompanied by a short CV for the examiner – highlighting their qualifications and track record in research, such as publication details, no. of research students supervised to completion to Masters or PhD Level.

All examiners must be approved by the Registrar on behalf of the campus. Details are then communicated to HETAC. Following approval by the Registrar the Principal Supervisor can then informally contact the examiners indicating an expected date for submission of the student’s thesis.

Where the Registrar fails to approve one or both Examiners, then new Examiners must be proposed by the Supervisors as outlined above.
The Registrar nominates a Chairperson of Examiners (must be approved by HETAC) and notifies them of the impending submission of the candidate’s thesis, along with details of the candidate’s Internal and External examiners.

  • 1.   Notice of Intention to Submit Forms should reach the Registrar by the publicised dates. Check out the Calendar for the exact dates in any given academic year.
  • 2.   In cases where thesis submissions/recommendations carry over to the following year, then a new Notice of Intention to Submit Form must be submitted to the Registrar.

The Notice of Intention to Submit Form is available from the Office of the Registrar

STEP 2 - Submission Process

In order to submit a thesis for examination the candidate must be fully registered (appropriate fees paid in full) on the appropriate postgraduate register of the campus.
Initially, the candidate should present the thesis in soft binding to facilitate any subsequent revisions that may be required.

For the initial submission, the candidate must prepare one copy of the thesis for distribution to the Internal Examiner who may make recommendations of changes needed before the thesis can be formally submitted for assessment.
Following completion of those recommendations to the Internal Examiners satisfaction two copies of the thesis are submitted for distribution to the Chairperson of Examiners and the External Examiner.

On receipt of feedback in respect of the initial, bound submission and the completion of required amendments, if any, and/or viva the candidate must make a minimum of four hard bound copies of the thesis:

  •  - one copy to the Supervisor, where there is more than one supervisor, then copies must be made for the additional supervisors as well
  • - one to the sponsoring Head of Department
  •  - two of the hard bound copies are submitted directly to the Registrar for the campus library and HETAC respectively. Each copy of the thesis must be typed and hard-bound in a fixed binding so that leaves cannot be removed or replaced at this point.
  •  - HETAC request a separate copy of the abstract to be submitted to the Registrar along with the hard bound copy of the thesis. Note: the single page abstract template is given on the last page.

Where the thesis for the campus is to be held on restricted access, then the Supervisor must complete a Thesis on Restricted Access Form at the time of submission and hand in to the Registrar’s Office with the thesis. The thesis will then be sent to the sponsoring School Office for storage and not the library.

Exhibits or artifacts produced or developed by the candidate, that forms a significant part of the submission should also be submitted for assessment by the examiners. The artifact should remain with the campus (either with the Supervisors or in the library) following completion of the examination process.

The thesis should normally be submitted for examination at least two months in advance of the campus Examination Board Meetings. Check out the Calendar for the exact dates in any given academic year.

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