Student Services Committee

The Students Services Committee is a committee comprised of staff and student representatives. Its role is to promote, co-ordinate, develop and oversee students activities in the Institute. It does this through the development of clubs and societies, events, and cultural activities and it works closely with the Students’ Union (SU).

The Student Union sabbatical officers are members of the Student Services Committee (SSC), as outlined in section 2.6.4 of the Institute Quality Manual (qualityassuranceproceduresmanu). Other members of the Committee include the Registrar, Academic Administration and Student Affairs Manager, Nurse, Sports Officer, and Chaplain. The secretary to the Committee is a member of administrative staff who is located in the Student Union.

The Student Union sabbatical officers are asked to submit a budget request for each semester. This is initially reviewed by the Registrar and Academic Administration Manager and then presented to the SSC for discussion. When the SSC agrees expenditure for budgetary items, funding is released on a staged basis. The release of funding is based on requests for funding to be transferred from our Finance office into the SSC bank account and is subject to their being funds available (note that the student contribution is payable in two instalments making establishing the percentage available to the SSC to disburse particularly difficult as it cannot plan based on student numbers). The SU President is a joint signatory on all cheques drawn from the SSC budget.

Items that are discussed at the SSC meetings include finance/budgets; upcoming events and campaigns (including Mental Health Week, Feel Good Week); health and safety (insurance claims); scholarships; other miscellaneous items.

The Childcare Assistance Fund comprises of the Registrar (ex officio), Academic Administration Manager and SU Welfare Officer. Applications from students are reviewed and student records checked before approval is given to pay the subsidy towards use of the Institute crèche for up to 30 weeks per year (2 x 15 weeks) for each student’s child. Payments are made to the crèche service provider on receipt of an invoice which is checked against student records and approved for payment.

Student Contribution Expenditure Reports

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