Student Grants


How do I know if I’m eligible for a grant for 2015/16?
There is a set criteria set out by SUSI see the link below:
Eligibility Reckoner

What are the income thresholds for 2015/16?
To read up on the income thresholds please see the link below:

What is the difference between a “fees” and “maintenance” grant?
Fee Grant
Maintenance Grant

Who can I talk to about my Grant?
We have a grant officer in the college.
Student  Grant Office


I’ve missed the deadline for the grant application, can I still apply?
For information about the online application please click the link below:


Is there any additional grants I can apply for other that SUSI or the VEC grant?
Yes, Bursary Applications can only be made through SVP Conferences. The Society operates in small groups, called Conferences, based on local parishes which meet regularly and their work is usually concentrated on local visiting. To make an appointment with your local Conference, please call 01 8550022 and speak to an Information Officer.
SVP Education Grants 


I’ve been refused the grant is there anyone I can talk to?
You may wish to speak to Shauna Homan in the students union regarding the appeal process.
Ph: 01 404 2562
Mob: 087 400 7512


How to appeal a grant once I’ve been refused?
Appealing Your Grant Decision 


Fund for Students with Disabilities
The Fund for Students with Disabilities allocates funding to further and higher education colleges for the provision of services and supports to full-time students with disabilities. The Fund aims to ensure that students can participate fully in their academic programmes and are not disadvantaged by reason of a disability.

For more information on the Fund for Students with Disabilities please visit the Student Finance website. There is a comprehensive guide to the allowance here which will outline the eligibility criteria and give you an idea as to whether you application might be successful.


Student Assistance Fund

Is there any additional funding I can avail of during my time in college?
Yes, if you are seeking financial assistance you may be eligible to apply for the Student’s Assistance Fund.
SAF Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I  apply for the Students Assistance Fund?
This year, for the first time, all 2015/16 applications must be made using the online application process via the link below:
Apply Here

Please note no paper applications / late applications will be accecpted.  


Who can I talk to if I have any questions about the Student Assistance Fund?
Laura Reilly 01 4042108


What Documentation will I need to apply for the Students Assistance Fund
SAF Documents Required







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