The key individual objectives of the CREATE research strategy are consistent with the strategic goals of the Institute as outlined below.
 To establish a skill base in core technologies for diagnosis and disease monitoring with identification of compatible sensor technologies and hybrid sensor arrangements which provide real time, accurate and in depth information regarding a number of disease states with necessary clinical diagnostic information. Key thematic areas currently include nanostructured materials (bioscience and molecular electronics applications), micro and nanosensor technology (applications in neurochemical monitoring, electrolyte detection and bedside disease state monitoring) electrocatalytic materials (applications in biomedical, fuel cell and environmental science);
 To act as an educational resource within ITT Dublin with input at 3rd (via new course development, programmatic reviews, and final year projects) and 4th level programmes in order to contribute towards output of highly skilled, employable, innovative and motivated graduates and postgraduates.
 To continue to attract research funding to develop pre-commercialisation research programmes, the outputs of which will be harnessed and assessed for commercial viability via the Technology Gateway activity. A series of programmes to develop novel, non-invasive, multi-analyte diagnostic platforms are currently in preparation.
 To build upon existing academic collaborative links based on complimentary research activities, and physical proximity being compatible with the strategic alliances proposed under the PRTLI Cycle 4 funded Centre of Applied Science for Health and the ITT Dublin Research Strategy.

These core objectives will enable us to deliver world class research outputs in thematic areas of national importance, while establishing an adaptive technology base with solid foundations in the chemical and biomedical sciences. We will continue to facilitate transfer of knowledge generated, contributing towards key learning outcomes at 3rd and 4th level while effectively managing IP and subsequent commercialisation outputs.

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