Starting College - September 2018

Starting College - September 2018.

Things you need to know.


Classes for first year students commence 12th September 2018.



Registration takes place from September 4th – September 10th 2018 and students are required to attend in person to complete registration. Induction Timetable


Payment of fees

Students registering at IT Tallaght course for the 2018/19 academic year are required to pay fees prior to commencement of classes. Payment can be made online at using your student number and date of birth to log in.

Students in receipt of the SUSI grant are not required to pay fees at this time, but will be required to bring evidence of their SUSI application to registration along with Passport or Birth Certificate.


Instalment Payment Option Available

We offer all our students the option to pay their course fees by instalment over 6 months. 

Here is how it works:

  • Students must pay a minimum amount of €650 to get access to the services they will need.
  • 50% of the total amount of fees to be paid by 31st October 2018
  • Remaining 50% balance of the fee to be paid by 31st January 2019


The €650 payment entitles you to attend classes and will give you access to college facilities and services which include:

  • Attendance at all classes
  • Accessing moodle your E-learning space – here you can access your lecture notes and submit assignments online, update your personal details.
  • Access your library account – you can borrow up to 10 books and access many online journals.
  • Avail of a student card – required for library / examinations venue access and entitles you to discounts around the city.  Induction Timetable


Table below gives an indication of typical fee and payment deadlines.



Example of FT Fee Example of PT Fee
Cost for a year = €3000 Cost for a year = €1800
Minimum oayment to registerd €650 Minimum oayment to registerd €650
50% or total amount due by 31st Oct 2018 €850 50% or total amount due by 31st Oct 2018 €250
Remaining balance due by 31st January 2019 €1500 Remaining balance due by 31st January 2019 €900

Cost for year = €3,000                                          

Note: Students can make multiple payments online daily, weekly, monthly as they wish at



I cannot attend on my induction date, when can I complete registration?

You can complete registration in September 2018 between 12 noon and 1pm.


What is the deadline by which I need to complete by registration for the academic session 2017-18?

Students must register no later than  September 2018.


Where should I go for classes?

Timetables will be available online from week beginning September 2018.

Does every student have to pay the minimum amount of €650?

Yes, the payment applies to both full-time and part-time students.

The only exception is full time students who have applied for the SUSI grant, they will not have to make this payment while they are awaiting a decision on their SUSI grant application. 

SUSI grant applicants must provide us with evidence of their SUSI application as part of their registration.


What happens if I don’t pay the €650 registration fee?

You will not be registered or have access to systems and services to engage fully with your course. For example, you will not have access to Moodle to see your lecture notes or submit assignments, complete online assessments.


What happens if I miss a payment by the October or January payment dates?

Your account will be placed on hold and you will not have access to the services you will need and examination results will be withheld.


Is there a financial penalty if I am late meeting any of the payment deadlines?

Yes, there is a financial penalty of €130.


Can I pay the total amount of fees owing at the beginning of the year?

Yes, online payments can be made at and you will have access to services all year and your examination results.


Can I make payments in Instalments?

Yes, once the €650 registration fee has been paid, you can make payment by instalment daily, weekly, monthly at


How do I know if my payment attempt was successful?

You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have provided us online. Emails and phone numbers can be updated on Moodle


Where do I update my address?

You can update your address on Moodle.


I need a letter confirming that I am a registered student, where do I get this?

You can apply for the letter online at forms-student-letter-request the letter will be emailed to you in pdf format to the email address you have provided. If the letter needs to be posted please advise in your request.





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