Selection Process

All candidates wishing to apply for admission to a Masters Research Degree Programme must satisfy the entry requirements outlined in the Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes.

All candidates (full-time, part-time) whether for a research project that has secured funding or not must undergo a pre-admission interview which is normally conducted by the proposed supervisor/supervisory team for the project and programme of study. Only then can a formal application form be completed and submitted. See the section dealing with Application Procedure for details on forms to be completed etc. 


Candidate Selection Steps for Funded Postgraduate Projects
  1. Approval to recruit is sought within the sponsoring Department
  2. Studentship is advertised in conjunction with the Development and External Services Office
  3. Candidates are short listed for interview
  4. Interviews are conducted
  5. Candidate is selected and references checked
  6. Candidate submits a formal application for a place on the appropriate research degree programme. Go to Application Procedure


  • Where a single supervisor is proposed for a project, then another academic, ideally from within the proposed sponsoring department, should also sit on the interview panel as well.
  • In the majority of cases, the candidate is first recruited for a studentship position for a funded research project. See Studentship Recruitment Process in Appendix D of the  Code of Practice for more information.
  • Where a candidate is being considered for a studentship post and either they wish or there is a requirement for them to register for research degree it is mandatory that the candidate’s qualifications are assessed at the candidate selection stage and that it can be demonstrated that they are met before the offer of a studentship takes place. See the Assessment of Qualifications section of the Code of Practice for what is involved.
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