Sectoral Flexible Learning Project

A core aim of this collaborative project is to establish a branded initiative (Open Institute of Technology) to mainstream flexible learning at the Institutes of Technology, enabling the sector to deliver on learner and workforce development needs. Flexible learning opportunities developed will expand choice on what, when, where and how people learn. Flexible Learning involves anticipating, and responding to the ever-changing needs and expectations of potential learners and supports different styles of learning. Flexible learning incorporates a variety of media including written and audio materials, the Internet, diskbased software and video conferencing.

Workforce development is becoming increasingly important both for business and industry. The latter need professional development to create a dynamic flexible workforce. Higher education institutions recognise that the work environment is rapidly changing, increasingly influenced by accelerating developments in information and communities technology and that new models of training and education are needed. ITT Dublin’s commitment to the Flexible Learning project will ensure the Institute builds capacity and capability to respond effectively to workplace needs.

If you would like further information on this project please contact:

Dr John Ó Néill
Head of Lifelong Learning, ITT Dublin
Dublin 24
Phone: 01 404 2771

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