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Institute Liaison Office Jargon Buster at ITT Dublin

A list of terms we use that you or your students may not have come across before:

  • CA - Continuous Assessment - Up to 30% of exam marks can usually be made this way through assessments such as written work, class tests, essays, reports and projects.
  • Campus - College facilities in one specific geographical spot
  • Credit Value - Each module carries a credit value towards the students final qualification.
  • Department - A subdivision of a School. Each students is attached to a School Department i.e. Department of Computing (School of Science)
  • First A - First Class Honours. This is the top mark in the traditional grading system and equivalent to an A in the modular system.
  • GPA - Grade Point Value
  • Lecture - Group Teaching i.e. a big class
  • Module - Each module is a subject on the course which groups together lectures, practicals & tutorials relating to a specific topic.
  • Plagiarism- A serious academic offence, this is the deliberate representation of someone else's work as your own.
  • Programme - This is the course students are studying, for example Bachelor of Business in Management.
  • School - There are 3 schools in ITT Dublin, The School of Business, Engineering & Science each of which contains various Departments.
  • Semester - In ITT Dublin the academic year is divided into two 15 weeks semesters (like school terms), Winter and Spring, with examinations at the end of each. A Higher Certificate comprises of four semesters, a degree has six and honours degree has eight semesters.
  • Transcript - A detailed printed account of examination results.
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