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School Visits

ITT Dublin is an exceptional college with a lot to offer students and we feel that the best way of getting that message across is with a face to face school visit. There are a range of options available to schools as detailed below :

General Class Presentations:
Here we will come and speak to your 5th and/or 6th year classes and give them a general overview of the college and its facilities. We discuss the differences between and IT and a university and how these differences can be advantages to students, for example the ladder progression system, smaller class sizes and the focus on practical skills throughout all courses. The next area we deal with is the importance of going to college and how to succeed when you are there before going through all the courses on offer in ITT Dublin. When going through the courses we give a brief overview of what each course entails and what type of jobs you would expect to get from it.

When doing a general class presentation it is our preference to speak to as many students as possible as we often find that those that previously weren't interested are swayed by the end of the talk as they are surprised by the facilities that are on offer and the quality of the courses.

Specific Interest Class Presentations:
If you have a group that are very interested in studying in a particular area such as Business, Engineering or Science we will organise for a member of that department to call to the school and speak to the group. This talk will be very focused on the courses within that department only and will go into much more detail on the subject matter and potential career opportunities for each course.

Engineering Taster Sessions:
These taster sessions are an excellent opportunity for groups of students with a keen interest in studying engineering to visit the college and experience first hand what it is like to participate in an engineering lab. Students will be given a tour of the engineering department and they will get to actually use some of the equipment. This gives them an excellent insight into what it would be like to study engineering in ITT on a day to day basis.

Lunchtime Stands:
ITT Dublin will set up a stand during your lunch break so that your students can come and speak to us about whatever courses they are interested in. This is a far more informal approach to the presentation which has limited time for Q&A at the end and suits students who are that little bit more reserved.

We would recommend doing this in conjunction with a class presentation either on the same day or a few weeks later as when they have been given the general overview initially they will know what ITT Dublin has to offer and will therefore know what questions to ask.


To book a school visit or to enquire about any of the above options please click here to fill out the enquiry form.

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