Student Assistance Fund


This year the Student Assistance Fund will provide financial assistance to both full-time and part-time undergraduate students. As there are limited funds available, TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus will target the available resources at those students most in need.

Applications for Student Assistance Fund 2018-19

is currently Closed. 


Important points:

1. Before making an application, please refer to the FAQ Section Documents Required and S.A.F GDPR Regulations other menus on this screen for eligibility criteria and support on the process of making a successful application and other useful information on the Student Assistance Fund.

FAQ: faq2

Documents Required: saf-documentsrequired

S.A.F GDPR Regulation: saf_contactinformation

2. Please note that this form must be completed in one attempt (i.e. it cannot be part saved), so please have all relevant information to hand when starting your application.

3. Your application will remain incomplete until you have submitted all relevant supporting documentation in an envelope in person to someone in the Access Office by the deadline of Wedensday 21st November 2018. 

4. Original documents will not be accepted

5. Applicants must supply a Supporting Information Consent Form signed by each Parent, Guardian, Spouse, Civil Partner, Dependant (over the age of 18) or Co-Habitant named in any supporting documentation. Applications will not be processed it this is failed to be done.

6. The Student Assistance Fund Supporting Information Consent Form is here:


7. The Student Assistance Fund Check Lick is here:


All details and supporting documents provided by you will be held in compliance with the Institute of Technology Tallaght Data Protection Policy

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