Retain Honours for Award Application

Application to Retain Honours (or Merit/Distinction) Award Classification

This form is to be used by a learner when applying to an examination board for consideration to retain Honours (or Merit/Distinction) award classification on an exceptional basis.

The Honours, Merit and Distinction award classifications are normally granted when a student meets the requirements for award classification in one sitting. Thus, students may not repeat modules to increase their GPA in order to achieve a higher award classification.

However, students may apply to retain honours (or Merit /Distinction) classification (refer to Section
4.9, Marks & Standards under the following specific conditions:

1. Students must formally apply to TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus to avail of this policy. Applications are made on the Repeat F for Honours Examination Registration Form.

2. The Student must have achieved a GPA of ≥ 2.50 at sessional examinations (i.e. at first attempt). For taught Master Degree programmes, the Student must have achieved a GPA ≥ 3.00.

3. Only one “F” grade can be repeated up to a maximum of 10 credits.

4. The Project or Dissertation is a module that cannot be repeated to achieve honours award.

5. Modules must be normally repeated at the next available opportunity (unless a Deferral by the normal Deferral Mechanism is applied for and granted).

6. There is only one repeat attempt to retain an honours award. (If a student fails a repeated module then the maximum award classification is PASS).

7. A minimum of a “C” grade must be achieved in the repeat attempt to be considered for retention of an honours classification. If a “D” grade is achieved then the overall degree classification is PASS.

8. Final Award Classification is based on initial GPA achieved at sessional (i.e. first attempt) examinations.

9. Students who have deferred one or more final session exams and have one ‘F’ grade up to a maximum of 10 credits are also eligible to repeat the failed module and be considered for merit/distinction or honours award classification at the same time as sitting their deferred exams. The overall GPA for award classification will be calculated based on the first attempt result in each module.


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