Developing and maintaining Research

In order to maintain our competiveness in research on a national and international level it is vital that ITT Dublin continuously and vigorously examins and develops its research procedures in every respective area throughout the Institute. Among the ten strategic goals identified in the Strategic Plan 2005-2008 is the following:

Research and Development:

The Institute will grow and enhance its research development work through and prioritised, strategic approach involving the establishment of designated Institute Research Centres and by supporting new researchers;

The section on research states that:

"We will continue to support and encourage Research and Development (R&D) and promote its value with government, so as to secure its place as a mainstream activity of the Institute."


It goes on to outline the context within which the key objectives for research have been identified:

“Context: The Institute of Technology Tallaght is fully committed to R&D as a core activity. By supporting the pursuit of excellence in R&D and scholarship, we seek to strengthen our education and training provision, create and disseminate new knowledge, concepts and applications, and support regional and national socio-economic development.We intend over the period of this plan to increase the number of research postgraduate students from 60 to over 100 and to target annual research funding of €2.5M.”


The Institute’s continuing commitment to research is demonstrated clearly in the Institute’s overall Strategic Plan 2005-2008 which sets out ten specific objectives or actions to be completed over the lifetime of the three-year plan.These actions form the basis of the current Institutional Strategy for Research:

  • The Institute will develop designated Institute Research Centres, and allocate resources for their support, in 5 areas identified as strategically important, by the end of 2006 (already achieved);
  • The Institute will develop strategic partnerships with other institutions and/or corporations in prioritised areas of research;
  • The Institute intends that the physical infrastructure necessary to support R&D will be expanded and improved, through the provision of dedicated research space;
  • The teaching, learning and research needs of students and faculty will be supported through the provision of high quality and up to date information resources within the library;
  • Together with the other Institutes of Technology, we will pursue the establishment of an Institute of Technology funding regime whereby Government provides each Institute with baseline finance for research and scholarship;
  • We will identify and implement a range of initiatives to encourage and support the involvement of staff in research activity;
  • The Institute will implement best practice in the management and resourcing of R&D;
  • The capability and effectiveness of the R&D Committee of Academic Council will be strengthened through a number of initiatives, including the involvement of respected researchers from external institutions and companies;
  • The excellence of the Institute as a centre for research will be promoted to all relevant audiences, domestic and international, including funding agencies, industry and business, higher education and research institutions, and the public;
  • The Institute will seek authority to maintain a register of postgraduate students and will seek delegated authority for postgraduate research awards.
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