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KingaKedziora02(small) The CPRD is involved in multidisciplinary research focused on the development of novel pharmaceuticals i.e. chemotherapeutics and antimicrobials, and detailed evaluation using both in vitro and in vivo systems. Since its establishment in 2002, over 300 different ligands and their transition metal complexes have been synthesised and characterised.  The complexes were initially focused on functionalised coumarins and benzimidazole, but over the last three years the range of ligands synthesised have been extended to include furocoumarins, coumarin Schiff-bases and quinolones. All ligands and complexes are screened for antimicrobial activity against a range of microorganisms. Those exhibiting good antimicrobial activity are investigated further to determine their mode of action in particular microorganisms. In addition, these complexes are evaluated for their ability to act as chemotherapeutic agents. This work to-date has identified a number of complexes possessing potent anti-microbial activity against the clinically important MRSA and Candida albicans. Funding has been applied for to investigate these selected agents as potential dopants in coatings for clinical environments. Much CPRD work has been published in peer-reviewed international journals. Click the links to the right to find out more:

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