Future Reseach and Proposed Collaborations

Drs Walsh and Creaven have selected several of the compounds (developed by the Team) with potent anti-MRSA activity.A collaboration with Dr. Brendan Duffy of CREST has been established in order to probe the potential application ofthese agents as potential surface cleaners, washes, paints and surfaces (surface treatments) with application in the clinical or appropriate settings (Funding currently sought under the Commercialisation Fund, Enterprise Ireland).

Cancer chemotherapeutic:
Additional collaboration will be established with experts in NUI-Maynooth such that several agents can undergo advanced in vitro, along with in vivo studies, with a view to establishing tolerance and efficacy of these agents in a whole animals.Monies from existing Strand III funding have been ring fenced for this work.

New areas for priortisation:
Central to the strategic goal for CPRD is to explore additional areas of research which are central to pharmaceutical development and disease control.Currently, a number of Team members are developing research proposals (outlined in Section 2) with a view to broadening the research base to include input from clinicians working in the area of cancer management and more recently, secondary stoke prevention.Dr. Robert O’Connor, NICB located at DCU is currently discussing research opportunities with Dr. Denise Egan with as view to developing research proposals centered on Cancer Research and disease management with possible applications to Cancer Research Ireland and Health Research Board.Dr. O’Connorcurrently has extensive links with leading national and international cancer clinicians.Dr. Dominick McCabe, Consultant Neurologist, Tallaght Hospital, is actively engaged in discussion with Centre members (Drs Egan  and Colleran) with a view to establishing research collaborations and preparing research proposals for finding to National Funding agencies (Irish Heart Foundation, Health Research Board) in the coming months.

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