Research & Innovation

Research is a core activity for the Institute, informing best practice in a broad range of activities including education, training, creativity and the pursuit of ground-breaking developments for the benefit of all kinds of Industry, Enterprise and the Community. 

In the 25 years since it opened its doors our research capacity has expanded across all Schools/Departments, Our research is underpinned by an applied focus which is enshrined in our mission as a University of Technology, always keeping in mind the value and benefits of its outputs to enterprise and industry. The applications of research carried out here at TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus has led to a number of spin-off commercial activities, long-term collaborations, new technologies and diagnostic tools that have been validated by a wide range of industries.

TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus has developed a portfolio of prioritised research areas with an applied or translational focus, with an appropriate level of underlying fundamental research in priority areas, including Applied Sciences and Health (pharmaceuticals - small molecules and bio products, new drug delivery systems, specialist scientific and materials analysis, sensors, diagnostics, and microbial host interactions, cell technologies), Engineering (bio-mechanical engineering, materials fabrication, and RF technology), Computing, Humanities and Social Science, Business and Entrepreneurship.  

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