Collaborations between Biology and Chemistry disciplines exist internally, while a number of external collaborations (Figure 4.x) were set up for HEA Cycle 3 and PRDSP Strand 3 funding applications in the past, which are still active. The key collaborators (highlighted in green in Figure 4.x) include National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology-DCU, NUI Maynooth, Tallaght (AMNCH) hospital.

There has been significant progress with existing collaborators over the past year. In addition a number of new collaborative links were also explored.

AMNCH(Tallaght Hospital)
Over the past year there has been ongoing collaboration with the microbiology department in Tallaght Hospital. These studies allow antimicrobial peptides to be screened against a range of clinically significant bacteria and fungal species. These results are invaluable in the classification of the peptides and also in identifying potential applications of the peptides.

NICB National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology-DCU
All BPNR members are also members of NICB. Staff from the Biology department in NUIM also are members and collaborate with the BPNR group. The MS in the Biology department in NUIM HAS been used for initial studies in the determination of the molecular mass of selected peptide. Microbiology all microbiology researchers from the NICB held a one day conference in NUIM last September where the BPNR group made presentations and networked with other members of the BPNR.

Veterinary Pharmaceutical company Crossvetpharm
Collaboration with one of the countries leading veterinary companies Crossvetpharm have also been built on over the past year.

Siebens-Drake Research Institute Canada
Dr Greg Vilk (Mass spectroscopy)
Department of Biochemistry
Siebens-Drake Research Institute
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

This collaboration is being used to determine the amino acid sequence of purified peptides.

Agricultural University of Norway
Professor Ingolf Nes (Bacteriocin-producer strains) Agricultural University of Norway Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory of Microbial Gene Technology Norway.

This collaboration provides a valuable access to bacteriocin producing strains of bacteria with known genetic profiles.

Ecole Nationale Superieure de Montpellier, France
An international Erasmus exchange programme was established last year with Ecole Nationale Superieure de Montpellier in France. In both 2005 and 2006 BPNR has played host to a visiting Erasmus student. In 2005 the student (Ariane Tissanderie) worked on Bifidobacterium longum ITT13. Currently Anne-Sophie Fremont is working on bacteriocins produced by Staphylococcus sp.

Limerick Institute Technology (LIT)
Successful preliminary exploratory discussions have been held with staff in LIT with a view to future collaborations.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Conway Institute  at UCD
Dr David Brayden, Professor Alan Baird and Linda Feighery in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Conway Institute  at UCD - collaborated on rat colonic epithelium studies. 

IT Tralee
Dr Michael Hall, IT Tralee:  collaborated on the evaluation of novel drug delivery models intestinal epithelial cells in vitro

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