Social Media Research Group

The Social Media Research Group (SMRG) at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus was established in 2007, and consists of academics and postgraduate students who are conducting research in a wide spectrum of projects under the Social Media umbrella. Our projects range from those which extend the theoretical foundations of Social Media to those which demonstrate novel applications of the technologies. 

The interdisciplinary nature of our team, whose background includes computer scientists, linguists marketing experts and psychologists, enables us to produce novel solutions to complex problems.Over the last 7 years our group has seen the graduation of 8 postgraduate students, including the first PhD student to graduate from the Department of Computing. The student population of our group currently contains 2 M.Sc. students, 1 doctoral student (based in Jaume I University). Between Sept-Dec 2016 we hosted a visiting doctoral student, with whom we are continuing to collaborate on papers and grant applications.

Our projects span a wide variety of areas and span multiple disciplines, with investigations that have included personality based recommender systems, semantic web, blogosphere analysis, linguistic analysis of blog writings and adaptive hypermedia systems. A selection of ongoing and recently completed projects include - The TWIN Personality Based Recommender System; Characterisation and Clustering of the Blogosphere; Personal Sense in Subjective Language Research; New Trends in Automatic Assessment: Ontology Matching; Social Media Analysis of Energy Efficiency Conversations; Identification of Adverse Drug Reaction mentions on Twitter; Clustering and Annotation of Dynamic Corpora

PI Names:
Dr. John Cardiff                                   
Dr. Fernando Perez-Tellez                                                                                            

Postgraduate research Students (Currently):
Liliya Akhtyamova
Gabriella Skitalinska
Elena Shushkevich
Juan Manuel Huetle Figueroa
David Munoz

TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus President’s Research Awards

We have active collaborations with a number of organizations from academia and industry. These include
The Natural Language Engineering Lab of the Polytechnic University of Valencia Spain; The Dept of Business Administration and Marketing, Jaume I University, Castellon, Spain; K-Veloce, Valencia, Spain; The Knowledge and Data Engineering Group of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Cuatroochenta - ‎Sefici Tech Solutions S.L, Castellón, Spain; IBM Dublin Centre for Advanced Studies; The International Research Laboratory on Mathematical Methods for Social Network Mining, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Russia; Benemérita Universidad Autónoma De Puebla, Mexico

Selected Publications: 

  • Perez-Tellez F., Cardiff J., Rosso P., Pinto D., Prototype/Topic based clustering method for weblogs. Journal: Intelligent Data Analysis - An International Journal. IOS Press, 2016.
  • Perez-Tellez F., Cardiff J., Pinto D., Rosso P., Disambiguating Company Names in Microblog Text Using Clustering for Online Reputation Management. Journal: Revista Signos, Estudios de Lingüística, 2015.
  • Perez-Tellez F., Cardiff J., Rosso P., Pinto D., Weblog and Short Text Feature Extraction and Impact on Catergorisation. Journal: Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems. IOS Press, 2014.
  • Panicheva, P., Cardiff J., Rosso P., Identifying Subjective Statements in News Titles Using a Personal Sense Annotation Framework, Journal of The American Society for Information Science and Technology, accepted for publication 2012
  • Sánchez García, J., Callarisa, L., Cardiff, J., Roshchina, A., Harnessing Social Media Platforms to Measure Customer-based Hotel Brand Equity, International Journal of Tourism Management Perspectives, Volume 4, pp. 73-79, 2012
  • Sánchez García, J., Callarisa, L., Cardiff, J., Roshchina, A., Análisis del valor de marca de las top 10 cadenas hoteleras en las top 10 ciudades a través de las comunidades virtuales, in Estrategias Competitivas en Canales de Distribución Comercial Tradicional Versus On-Line, pp. 381-407, Casielles,Trespalacios Gutiérrez, Estrada Alonso, González Mieres (coordinadores), Cátedra Fundación Ramón Areces de Distribución Comercial, ISBN 978-84-8367-357-7 (book chapter, in Spanish), 2011

Research Visits/Visitors:
Members of our group have organised research and exchange collaboration agreement between the Institute and a number of European Universities: the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) in Moscow, Russia, the Polytechnic  University of Valencia, Spain, and Universitat Jaume I, Castellon, Spain. We regularly receive numerous visiting professors to the Institute deliver seminars to our staff and students, and who work directly with our research group. 

Equally, our members have delivered graduate courses and keynote addresses at universities in Russia, Spain, and Mexico, most recently to a doctoral symposium in Jan 2017 on Big Data in the University of Castilla y La Mancha, Spain, which included attendees from across Spain. Additionally, the collaboration with RANEPA has been supported by an Erasmus+ ICM grant of > €23,000 which we are currently using to support student and staff exchanges in both directions.

Commercialisation Outputs:
Our “Tell Me What I Need (TWIN)” personality based recommender system has received the attention of two international companies, one of which is incorporating the concepts into its own products which the help of the student who originally developed the software (now an MSc graduate).

Other Information: 

  • Over the last 7 years we have published c.30 papers in refereed/indexed conferences and journals. We have a wide breadth of experience of proposal writing, research and management of large European Union funded projects. 
  • Our members regularly serve as program committee members for international conferences and as reviewers for several of the most prominent Elsevier and IEEE journals. 
  • Dr Cardiff is an organiser of the Innodoct series of conferences (, the most recent of which was held in Portugal in October 2017.
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