Reigstration Update

All postgraduate students are required to renew the registration on an annual basis with the Registrar’s Office on the appropriate form. This can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office directly.

The Principal Supervisor is also required to complete a Postgraduate Research Degree Candidate/Supervisor Update Form on an annual basis and submit it through the Head of Department to the Registrar’s Office on the appropriate form. This can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office directly

Failure to complete these forms will result in the registration becoming lapsed.

It is essential to note that all students who wish to submit a thesis for examination for the next academic year must renew their registration with the campus.

All students must pay the prescribed annual fees as discussed in Section 2.2.10 of the Research Regulations where required. The current schedule of fees is given in the Postgraduate Research Student Handbook. Click here to view an online version of the handbook.

Unsatisfactory Progress
Where unsatisfactory progress has been reported the Registrar may refer those reports to the campus Postgraduate Research Board for consideration. They may request the postgraduate student make an oral presentation to an assessment panel convened by the Registrar or nominee, consisting of

  • Two Academic Researchers independent of the project, as nominated by the Registrar
  • Head of Department or nominee
  • Head of School or nominee
  • Registrar (Chair).


The panel may also include an external expert in the assessment process where necessary. Where student progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory the campus Board may seek further clarification from the Principal Supervisor and Department before making a decision on whether to approve the renewal of the registration or request the registration is terminated in accordance with Section 2.2.8 of the Research Regulations in the Code of Practice.

Students who do not maintain adequate contact with their Supervisors may be deemed to have made unsatisfactory progress and a request for a termination of registration may be considered.

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