Redox Mediators for Biosensor Development

Project title: Design, synthesis and characterisation of novel electrocatalytic materials and mediators for enzyme electrode based biosensor development

Researchers: Geok Hong Soon, Rodica Doaga, Susan Warren

Objective: Selected conducting and redox polymers (see below) form the basis for attachment of ferrocene derivatives enabling controlled deposition of thin films on conducting surfaces with subsequent electron transfer pathways to biocatalysts. Redox active organic dyes also form suitable films enzyme immobilisation and enhanced signalling pathways.

Funding: Enterprise Ireland, Strand III PRDSP

Geok Hong Soon, M. Deasy, O.Worsfold, E. Dempsey*, ‘Synthesis, co-polymerisation and electrochemical evaluation of novel ferrocene-pyrrole derivatives’, Anal Letts 44,1-22, 2011.

S.Warren, D. Rathod, T. McCormac, E. Dempsey*, ‘Investigations into the Use of a Thionine/PEDOT Layer as an NADH Electrocatalyst with Applications in Glutamate Sensing’, "ECS Transactions – Vienna.

Doaga, T. McCormac, E. Dempsey*, ‘Electrochemical Sensing of NADH and Glutamate based on Meldola Blue in 1,2-Diaminobenzene and 3,4-Ethylenedioxithiophene Polymer Films’, Electroanalysis Volume 21, Issue 19, Date: October 2009, Pages: 2099-2108.

S. Warren, R. Doaga, T. McCormac, E.Dempsey*, ‘Electrochemical studies of Osmium-(pyrrole-methyl) pyridine-copolymers deposited using the membrane template method’, Electrochimica Acta, Volume 53, Issue 13, 20 May 2008, Pages 4550-4556.
















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