Programme Structure

The Applied Science programmes at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus are designed to offer you flexibility in your choice and your career path. You can choose to enter into 2, 3 or 4 year programmes depending on your particular preference. The 2 year Higher Certificate (Level 6) programmes have 1 year addon programmes that allow you to top up your qualifications to BSc (Level 7) and BSc Honours (level 8). Alternately you can start with a 3 year BSc programme and then take a 1 year add-on to go to BSc Honours.

In addition, all of the programmes are built on a common first year with the option of choosing a biology or chemistry specialization for years 2, 3 and 4. This approach allows you to develop a deeper understanding of the sciences before
having to commit to a particular specialization.

Bio- or Chemical Analysis - Making Your Choice
The designation in the CAO handbook for the Higher Certificates in Science is TA301 and the Bachelor Degrees is TA311. Both sets of programmes build on a Common First Year Science. This first year programme provides students with a fundamental knowledge and understanding of general science with extensive hands-on exposure to the basic practical skills needed to be able to work safely and effectively in a laboratory. This then permits the student to make a more informed choice the end of First Year about whether they wish to pursue a Biology focused programme or a Chemistry focused programme in second and subsequent years.

Do I need Science at Leaving Certificate? - NO
You do not have to have studied any of the sciences other than Mathematics at Leaving Certificate though it is advantageous if you have studied one or more. If not, don’t worry – you will not be alone and we offer a number of learning supports to help bring people up to a common standard.

In First Year Science the student has an opportunity to appreciate the nature of the Biological Sciences, the Chemical Sciences and Physical Sciences such that they can make a more informed decision on whether they wish to pursue the Higher Certificate or Bachelor Degree in Science (Applied Biology) or the Higher Certificate or Bachelor Degree in Science (Applied Chemistry) in their second year of study.

How are the programmes delivered?
Small class sizes and significant tutorial support help ensure that students can successfully make the transition to third level education. We believe in teaching science by doing science. A major emphasis in all our science courses is hands-on practical training ensuring that students develop the skills necessary to work competently in industry and other laboratory environments. All of our full-time courses in science are delivered over two semesters (September to January and February to June). There are examinations at the end of each semester but students do have the opportunity to accumulate a significant proportion of their marks through continuous assessment and practical assignments during semester.

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