Conference Proceedings

To date, there have been 14 books published. The majority of these outputs have appeared in the series Studies in Franco-Irish Relations and Reimagining Ireland, both with Peter Lang and edited by Eamon Maher.

Below is a list of existing publications:

1. Maher, Eamon and Grace Neville (eds), France-Ireland: Anatomy of a Relationship (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2004).
2. Maher, Eamon, Grace Neville and Eugene O’Brien (eds), Reinventing Ireland Through a French Prism (Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang, 2007). Volume 1 of Studies in Franco-Irish Relations, edited by Eamon Maher.
3. Maher, Eamon, Grace Neville and Eugene O’Brien (eds), Modernity and Postmodernity in a Franco-Irish Context (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2008). Volume 2 of Studies in Franco-Irish Relations.
4. Bévant, Yann, Eamon Maher, Grace Neville and Eugene O’Brien (eds), Issues of Globalisation and Secularisation in France and Ireland (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2009). Volume 3 of Studies in Franco-Irish Relations.
5. Maher, Eamon and Eugene O’Brien (eds), War of the Words: Literary Rebellion in France and Ireland (Rennes: TIR, 2010).
6. Bévant, Yann, Anne Goarzin and Grace Neville (eds), France, Ireland and Rebellion (Rennes: TIR, 2011).
7. Mikowski, Sylvie (ed.), Histoire et mémoire en France et en Irlande/History and Memory in France and Ireland (Reims : EPURE, 2011).
8. Maher, Eamon and Catherine Maignant (eds), Franco-Irish Connections in Space and Time: Peregrinations and Ruminations (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012).  Volume 28 of Reimagining Ireland series, edited by Eamon Maher.
9. Maignant, Catherine (éd.), La France et l’Irlande : Destins croisés 16e-21e siècles (Lille : Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2013).
10. Keatinge, Benjamin and Mary Pierse (eds), France and Ireland in the Public Imagination (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014). Volume 55 in Reimagining Ireland series.

11. Hunt, Una and Pierse, Mary (eds), France and Ireland: Notes and Narratives (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2015), Volume 66, Reimagining Ireland series

12. Goarzin, Anne (ed.), New Critical Perspectives on Franco-Irish Relations, (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2015), Volume 68 in Reimagining Ireland series.

13. Frank Healy and Brigitte Bastiat (eds), Voyages between France and Ireland: Culture, Tourism and Sport (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2017), Volume 9, Studies in Franco-Irish Relations.

14. Eamon Maher and Eugene O'Brien (eds), Patrimoine/Cultural Heritage in France and Ireland (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2019). Volume 14, Studies in Franco-Irish Relations.

The first conference for Franco-Irish Studies was held in IT Tallaght in 2003. The proceedings, France-Ireland: Anatomy of a Relationship, co-edited by Grace Neville and Eamon Maher, were published by Peter Lang. Below is a notice from The Irish Times of the 29th of January 2004:

Eamon Maher - NCFIS'So fascinating and varied is this cornucopia of essays on Franco-Irish relations, as recorded at an interdisciplinary conference in the Tallaght IT some time ago, that it is difficult not to keep reading - even if one is neither an academic nor a Francophile. The theme of the university - in Ireland and France, Irish students at French universities and recent French critical thought - is threaded through the work. Also examined are myths surrounding those twin pillars of power - politics and the Catholic Church. Notable are Phyllis Gaffney's essay on links between UCD's French Department in 1909-22 and the struggle for Irish independence, while two comparative essays - Eamon Maher's analysis of a John McGahern and a Jean Sulivan novel, and Angela Ryan's comparison of works by Kate O'Brien and François Mauriac - also make interesting reading.’ - Kate Bateman

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