Policy On Plagiarism


Plagiarism Policy Statement - TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus
TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus upholds the principle of academic integrity which is achieved through appropriate referencing and citation practice for all academic work. The purpose of this policy is to allow for a consistent approach to the treatment of plagiarism in the Institute of Technology Tallaght and to promote a culture of academic honesty and best practice. Globally, plagiarism is recognised as an academic offence and as such has serious consequences. Plagiarism is the reproduction, in all or part, of work prepared without giving recognition to the original source.

Plagiarism can include the following:

  • Failure to cite authors or sources.
  • Representing work authored by a third party (including other students, family, friends and work purchased through internet services).
  • Presenting large amounts of copied work from any source or medium without reference.
  • Taking a passage of text, or an idea, and summarising it without acknowledging the original source.
  • Self plagiarism which is presenting a piece of one’s own work without reference to the original material.
  • Passing off collaborative work as your own.

Note: These forms of plagiarism apply to all forms of media (print and electronic).

While we understand plagiarism can be unintentional, all instances of plagiarism will be subject to the policy.


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