Pharmaceutical analysis


Project title: Rapid electrochemical detection of drugs in pharmaceutical products and metal stripping voltammetric evaluation of gunshot residue (GSR) for forensic applications.

Researchers: Final year project students

Objective: Electrochemical voltammetric (linear sweep and differential pulse) techniques are exploited for the rapid, quantitation and separation of active ingredients in analgesic formulations. Under optimised conditions determination of caffeine, codeine and acetaminophen is possible in dissolved tablet extracts without chromatographic separation. Therapeutic TB agents such as isoniazid require redox active electropolymerised films for catalysis and enhanced detection at glassy carbon electrodes.



Sensitive and convenient confirmation of gun shot residue from crime scenes is a key goal in forensic investigations. Herein screen printed electrodes modified with a reagent soaked swob have been employed for prototype development of a swipe and scan system for rapid square wave voltammetry confirmation of Cu, Sb and Pb (<10 M) in samples collected from surfaces and gun barrels.

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