Peer Support Programme at TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus

What is peer support?
Sometimes when we are adjusting to a new place or experience, we can find it useful to talk to others who have already been through the same thing. As a student, you may wish to talk to another student about any difficulties you find yourself experiencing while in first year.

These difficulties may be to do with adjusting to life in the college, personal issues outside of the college that are effecting you or simply information about general college and academic life. The Peer Support programme is free and open to all incoming first years.

Peer support is also available to those in other years. Maybe you are struggling with new academic or social demands. Perhaps you just want help with where to go for the right support. Peer supporters are from different course and years so can help you with a variety of student concerns.

Who do they support?
Peer Supporters have been put in place to support all students in TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus.

Who are Peer Supporters?
Peer supporters are current students in the college who have volunteered to support incoming first year students, as well as all other years. They have been trained to assist students in a range of matters in a confidential and respectful manner. You can contact any of the peer supporters at any time throughout the year.

What type of things can they help me with?

  • General information about college life
  • General information about academic issues
  • Adjusting to college life
  • Personal issues e.g; low mood, isolation, family problems

How do I contact them?
You can reach any of our peer supporters via the e-mail addresses listed below each photo. They will be checking their e-mails regularly and will get back to you promptly with a reply to your query or to arrange to meet with you, depending on what the issue is.

Tiernan Brennan - Peer Supporter at IT Tallaght 2018/19 Lousie Healy - Peer Supporter at IT Tallaght 2018/19 Daniel Byrne - Peer Supporter at IT Tallaght 2018/19
Tiernan Brennan
Postgrad Engineering
Louise Healy
4th Year Business
Daniel Byrne
2nd Year Science
Natasha Scully - Peer Supporter at IT Tallaght 2018/19   Shannon Slevin - Peer Supporter at IT Tallaght
Natasha Scully
3rd Year Accounting
  Shannon Slevin
3rd Year Engineering



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