Returning Student


Students who have not completed their programme and wish to continue their part-time studies in 2018-19 can re-register by completing the Returning Student Registration Form.

You will then be deemed to have accepted a place on the course again for next year, re-registration for 2018-19 will begin and correct fees will be applied to your account. The appropriate fees must be paid at to complete registration.

If you do not re-register you will not be able to start your course in September.

New or Add-On Programme

Students who have completed the final year of their current programme and wish to continue onto an add-on or additional programme can apply online at Offers must be accepted using the online application system.  

Higher Certificate in Accounting

Students who have completed the Higher Certificate in Accounting and wish to progress should make a new application to the add on Bachelor in Accounting & Finance

Payment of Fees

Once a place has been accepted on a course payment of fees is required. 

Please note that there are some changes to the fees policy.  Full details on the payment schedule are included in the policy.  This policy is available here

  1. If all fees are paid by 18 August you will be registered on your programme and your student card will be issued at the start of term.
  2. If you have been accepted on a TU Dublin – Tallaght Campus programme (Minor Award, Special Purpose Award, Higher Certificate or Degree Programme), you must pay a minimum of €650 by 17 September 2018. Please allow sufficient time for registration after the payment of fees and before the start of term 17 September 2018.  The remainder of fees must be paid in line with the fees policy.
  3. If you have been accepted on a professional programme (e.g. IATI, IPICS, EIQA, CIPD) you will not be allowed to start your programme unless all your fees have been paid. All fees must be paid by 17 September 2018.
  4. If no fees are paid on or before 17 September 2018 you will be considered as having withdrawn your application and your place may be allocated to another applicant.  


Please ensure that there are no outstanding fees from previous years on your account as you will not be able to re-register until these are paid.





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