Mature and Non-Standard Applicants

The University encourages applications from Mature and Non Standard applicants. Such applicants must apply through the CAO system and must clearly state all relevant details on the CAO Application Form. They should include all relevant supporting documentation including, where appropriate, testimonials from employers, when applying.

Certified transcripts and English translations of qualifications not issued in English must also be furnished with the application. In a number of cases applicants for mature or non standard entry may be required to attend an interview and/or assessment.

Mature Students

A person who, by 1 January of the year he/she seeks admission, has reached the age of 23 years, will be regarded as a Mature Applicant. Mature Applicants may not be required to meet the minimum entry requirements specified for standard applicants. Mature Applicants will be considered on their merits, taking into account their work and life experience. Knowledge and skills gained through experiential learning may be considered, in the context of the curriculum of the programme for which they have applied.

Particular consideration will be paid to applicants who demonstrate a special interest in a relevant subject area or who have demonstrated their commitment by undertaking some preparatory programme work and/or examinations. Candidates are judged on their individual merits. With increasing applications from mature candidates it is necessary to rank applicants for available places. It is important therefore, that full use in made of the CAO Application Form to ensure that all relevant information and documentation on achievements are included. Mature applicants may be invited for interview and or assessment.

Non Standard Applicants

These are applicants who are not of mature years but who wish to have taken into account qualifications and/or achievements additional to, or alternative to, the Leaving Certificate. Such qualifications may have been gained from other full or part-time study. 

International Students 

The University encourages applications from international students. Applicants interested in joining year one of an undergraduate programme should apply directly to the CAO Central Applications Office, Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway, Ireland: 00353 91 509800.

Applicants interested in joining one of our undergraduate programmes at year 2 / 3 / 4 level (advanced standing) should contact the of the University.

Applicants presenting with other European/Non EU School Leaving Qualifications

TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus participates in the Institutes of Technology Central Evaluation forum (IOTCEF). The IOTCEF provides a central scoring system for applicants:

• Presenting with other European school leaving qualifications
• From the rest of the world – Non EU This system guarantees these non standard applicants an open and transparent mechanism for determining the minimum level of Leaving Certificate points which equate with their achievement in school leaving examinations in their country. Each University is a separate admitting authority and an individual Institution, in its absolute discretion, may alter the points and not accept the recommendations of the IOTCEF. TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus reserves the right to grant additional points based on special education and experience adduced by the applicant which are deemed by the Institute to be relevant to the programme to which the applicant has applied.

The methods used to calculate CAO scores from candidates from other countries can be viewed at Instruction is normally through English and applicants who do not have Leaving Certificate English must provide evidence of equivalent competence through school leaving or matriculation examinations; achievement of a minimum standard in recognised tests of English or approved English test administered by the University. For details of current range of the acceptable minimum standard required in English please see the section on Competence in English or check with the Admissions Office of the University or

The offer of a place does not confer any legal status as an applicant. All foreign applicants who have been offered places will be required to complete all the normal legal requirements (as laid down by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform and the Department of Foreign Affairs) to gain access to education in this country before acceptance and registration requirements can be brought to a conclusion. Applicants must apply through the CAO system.

Disability/Specific Learning Difficulty

The University is an equal opportunities institution and welcomes and encourages applications from students with disabilities. It is a University policy to attempt to provide appropriate support for its students with physical disability or specific learning problems within the limits of available resources. The building and approaches have been carefully designed to ensure ease of access. Those with disabilites should contact the Institute’s Admissions/Access/Disability Service well in advance to discuss any  requirements that they might have in the event that they are admitted. The University is committed to supporting students with disabilities to progress through their studies. Each student has different needs. The University is continually working to provide adequate resources and systems including additional tuition, dedicated equipment, specific examination accommodations, sign language interpreters, readers and personal assistants. 

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

TU Dublin Tallaght Campus treats the links modules as a single subject and awards points as follows:

  • Distinction 70
  • Merit 50
  • Pass 30

This is automatically computed by the CAO and will count if it is one of you six best subjects.

Leaving Certificate Applied

The Leaving Certificate Applied (LCAP) was designed primarily to prepare students for the transition from school to working life. It is not intended for direct transfer into third level education. However students with the LCAP who have completed a FETAC level 5 awards can be considered for entry. 

Advanced Entry

Applicants who already possess third level qualifications may be admitted to the more advanced steps of a Higher Certificate,  Ordinary Degree or Honours Degree programmes. Such applicants should have the appropriate educational background and level of achievement which is closely related/cognate with the standard of the programme for which they have applied. 

  • Applications are being accepted for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of our full-time undergraduate programmes for September 2019.
  • Applications are made via the CAO only for programmes commencing in September 2019 - APPLY NOW
  • External Advanced Entry applicants DO NOT apply directly to TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus for entry to our full-time programmes

Deferred Entry 

If an applicant is offered a place on a programme through the CAO mechanism it is possible to defer entry for one year. An  applicant wanting to avail of this facility should:

1. Refer to CAO Handbook.
2. Do NOT accept the offer in the manner shown on the offer notice. Do NOT make any payment.
3.Write immediately after receiving the offer to: The Registrar, TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus, Tallaght, Dublin 24, stating reasons for seeking a deferral and enclosing section C of the CAO offer.
4. The Letter should be received in the Registrar’s Office at least two days before the reply date shown on the CAO offer notice.
5. The University will communicate the decision to the applicant. If the deferral is not granted the offer may still be accepted for the current year.
6. A deferral is only granted for the programme accepted by the applicant. In the event of the programme not being available in the year that the applicant proposes to take up the place, the applicant will not automatically be entitled to a place on any other programme. An applicant to whom a deferral is granted must re-apply for the programme directly to the CAO by the 1st February of the succeeding year, placing the deferred programme as the first and only preference on the Application Form.
7. Deferrals will generally not be granted to allow applicants repeat the Leaving Certificate or to take up other third level places.
8. Deferral is valid for one year only. Applicants who receive permission to defer entry to a programme must pay the normal CAO application fee.

Re-application/Previous Attendance in Third Level Institution 

Re-application through the CAO for the same programme by registered students in TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus, or any other third level institution, will not, generally be considered. Applicants who have already attended a third level institution should be aware that this may affect their entitlement to free tuition fees and maintenance grants. Applicants who already hold a Degree may not be entitled to any grant support. Contact the Admissions Office for up to date information. 


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