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Micro-Biodiagnostics Collaboration

Diagnosing disease in canines is an  expensive process that has not been amenable to automation – until now. Tridelta Development Limited,  in collaboration with experts in microbiology located on the Tallaght campus, developed a brilliant solution. Read more

The Issue

Tridelta Development Limited is a world leader in the development and manufacture of ELISA type immune assays for the detection and quantitation of acute phase protein in animals. Through market research, company identified homogeneous immunoassays utilising polystyrene micro-particles as the necessary technology platform, to meet an urgent gap in the market, but lacked the micro-particle expertise necessary to develop it.

What happened next

Tridelta made a compelling case to Enterprise Ireland and were rewarded with an Innovation Voucher with which to purchase the scientific knowledge, skills and competence to develop their innovative product.  Tridelta then approached MiCRA Biodiagnostics, based in Synergy Centre, Tallaght campus, for help.

IT Tallaght’s activity to solve the problem

The EI-funded MiCRA Centre, is  located in the Synergy Centre, Tallaght campus, West Dublin.  Building on their extensive experience in developing micro-particle immunoassays and high throughput manufacture of micro-particles, MiCRA developed the necessary techniques to conjugate protein and establish Colloidal Stability protocols This enabled the in-house validation process to commence to correlate the micro particle assay to existing Tridelta Optical C. Reactive Protein (CRP) ELISA, with positive results.

The Benefits to the Company

After successful international independent assessment, a tangential flow filtration system was installed and validated to enable large volume scale up of the CRP assay. The micro particle assay is now commercially available for export. Tridelta Developments Ltd., and currently engaged with MiCRA  in the development of further Immunoassay products.






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