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Specialist Equipment

Specialist equipment Available for Industry

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  • Atomic Force Microscope (Agilent Technologies 5500 AFM)
  • Attenuated Reflectance ATR- IR (Bruker)
  • Confocal Microscope
  • Contact Angle Tensiometer (First Ten Angstroms DCA-100)
  • Differential scanning calorimeter DSC Q2000 (TA Instruments)
  • Drop Shape Analyser (First Ten Angstroms FTA 1000 C-Class)
  • Fisnar Dispensing System (F4400N)
  • FT-NIR system (Shimadzu IRPrestige-21)
  • GC-MS (Agilent Technology)
  • GC-MS (Varian, Saturn 2200)
  • GC-MS (Varian 2000)
  • Granulator (Aeromatic-Fielder, AG)
  • Granulator (GEA, Niro Pharma Systems 4, Aeromatic-Fielder)
  • Headspace GC-FID Detection (Varian CP-3800)
  • Homogeniser 4M8 (Pro-C-epT)
  • Hydrogenation Apparatus (Parr)
  • Lab Reactor 2L Lab Max (Mettler Toledo)
  • Langmuir Blodgett Trough (NIMA Model 1232DI22)
  • LC-MS Q-TOF, Accurate-Mass (Agilent technologies 6530)
  • Laser Micrometer
  • Laser Printer, Zing (Epilog)
  • MALDI TOF MS (Bruker Autoflex III)
  • Malvern Laser/Eyecon camera imaging/Sieve
  • Materials Printer (Dimatix DMP-2800)
  • Microwave Synthesiser (Discover CEM)
  • MTS 858 Bionix® test system
  • NIR, MPA Bruker and Matrix
  • NMR, 300 MHz Multinuclear (Bruker)
  • NMR, 500 MHz Multinuclear (Bruker, for solution and solid state samples)
  • Olympus BX60 microscope 100x with camera
  • Powder Rheometer (Freeman FT4)
  • Peptide Synthesiser (PS3 Protein technologies Inc.)
  • 3D printers including Ultimaker 2+, Makerbot, Leapfrog Bolt and a Formlabs Form 2 SLA printer
  • Raman microscope and solid dose mapping (Senterra)
  • Rheometer, Kinexus Malvern (semisolids-liquids)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope SEM (Jeol JSM 6390 LV)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope SEM-EDX (Hitachi S2400 with oxford ISIS EDX)
  • Scanning Tunnelling Microscope
  • Screen Printer DEK 248
  • Screen Printing Equipment (Vastex VTX-015970)
  • Tablet Disintegration Apparatus (SOTAC, Carl Stuart)
  • Tablet Dissolution System (DISTEK 2100C)
  • Tablet Dissolution System (SOTAX, Carl Stuart)
  • Tablet Dissolution Tester (Electrolab)
  • Tablet Press (Ariva MiniPress MII)
  • Thermo Gravimetric Analyser TGA Q50 (TA Instruments)
  • UHPLC (Shimadzu)
  • Ultrasonic Mixer (Stephan UMC5)
  • Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly System (Sonics & Materials Inc.)
  • UV/VIS Spectrophotometer (Hitachi U-2900)
Contact us here to start the conversation  or Email us obi@it-tallaght.ie    How this has worked for others
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