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MiCRA Technology Gateway

MiCRA-Biodiagnostics is an industry-led research & development facility. The work of the facility is supported by Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways programme and is funded through industrial collaboration. The facility has a strong and growing portfolio of applied research making knowledge and expertise accessible to local and national industry. The remit of MiCRA concerns the advancement of integrated biosensor technologies innovating the use of enzymes, antibodies, nanomaterials and advanced polymers.

MiCRA specialises in the development of microsensors for the food, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotechnology, environmental, human and animal healthcare and agriculture sectors with expertise in:

  • Lab on a chip sensor prototyping and manufacturing
  • Materials development and characterisation
  • Immunoassay platform development
  • Enzyme biosensors for human & animal health care
  • Biosensors for the rapid and sensitive detection of bacteria.

Competencies & Technical Know-how

MiCRA is staffed by microbiologists, chemists, physical scientists and engineers with project management experience to offer technical solutions to drive product development. The facility has state-of-the-art surface science instrumentation, cell culture & microbiology laboratories and prototype fabrication facilities.

  • Chemical & biological sensors – integrated electronic devices with bio-recognition components.
  • Electrochemistry – design & utilisation of electrode systems.
  • Biosensors – expertise in building multicomponent systems using printing, thin-film lithography and laser technologies.
  • Physical science – surface measurement & chemical analysis.
  • Nanotechnology – synthesis & application of nanoscale materials.
  • Microfluidics – engineering of sample and reagent handling assemblies.
  • Microbiology – cell libraries for analytical applications.
  • Cell culture techniques for human and animal cell lines.
  • Microscopy – fluorescence, confocal, electron and atomic.
  • Chemical synthesis – molecular modified surfaces and a suite of spectroscopy characterisation services.

Partnerships & Collaborations

MiCRA project scientists & engineers work together with sensor developers, medical diagnostic collaborators & biotechnology partners to achieve solutions to diverse technical challenges. Since 2007 MiCRA has partnered with academic research, entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and larger industrial companies to advance biosensor & diagnostic products.

Whether innovating new product ideas or exploring know-how and patented technology MiCRA R&D teams work with industry partners to achieve project success. MiCRA has a long and successful record of delivering commercially viable research and technical solutions for Irish industry.

Contact us here to start the conversation or Email Obi.Tallaght@TUDublin.ie
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