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What we mean by Workforce Development

We realise that people come to third level as mature students for a wide variety of reasons. We do our very best to anticipate those needs and cater for them by designing part-time courses that are flexible and tuned to meet current and emerging demands of the work landscape, for example:

  • Professional Certification i.e. Continuous Professional Development, Skills gap analysis, Knowledge and Skills development, Up-skilling, Retraining, industry specific qualifications, graduate skills programmes,  add-ons,  and special awards
  • Customised programmes, i.e. training programmes tailored to industry needs in response to emerging technical innovation or regulatory changes. Structured programmes, delivered at employers' premises, with a flexible schedule to minimise disruption and at the convenience of the workers
  • Programme Accreditation, i.e. formal recognition of existing, employer-specified training and learning programmes, resulting in an award that is recognised nationally and internationally
  • Graduate Recruitment, i.e. access our highly developed Graduate Placement Division to identify appropriately qualified people ready to join your workforce
  • Intern Placement. An intern is a student on the brink of achieveing their professional qualifications.They are equipped with a broad range of knowledge and skills and would hugely benefit from a period in work. They can make a valuable contribution to any workforce and are often recruited by the host company post qualification.
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