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Intern Placement

Modern businesses face considerable challenges when dealing with innovation and change. Typically, key people are drawn away from their daily responsibilities to form a project team to solve a problem, realign the business activities and to implement change. Do you need skilled people to work on your short-term, special projects? Do you think you might like to recruit a graduate or interview an intern for a fixed time placement? Many of our programmes include a compulsory period in real workplaces, doing real work, making a real contribution to the host organisation, and a significant investment in their own future.

A key outcome for our interns is the awareness of the workplace context that can be experienced, only, in the workplace. Although many of them are offered jobs by their hosts, the vast majority return to complete their honours degrees with a renewed and more mature focus on their own professional objectives.

 Contact us here to start the conversation    or Email:   Obi.Tallaght@TUDublin.ie




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