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Health Sciences Expertise

Researchers in the Department of Science, and  Principal Investigaters (PI) in the Centre of Applied Science for Health have conducted 'close to market' research projects over the past 20 years that encompass process technologies & improvement. In particular, we have focused on scale up and technology transfer for industrial, mainly pharmaceutical, processes, process and analytical validation, process control systems (e.g. PAT), yield optimization, analytical method development, waste minimization, investigation of critical process parameters. For many years we have been a site of excellence in the design of macromolecules, which have found use in smart sensors for diagnostic testing. We are expanding our research in this area to include encapsulation of small molecules in cage-like structures or biochemical systems for controlled delivery of targeted molecules into biological fluids or from a food product on ingestion. This encapsulation technology can be applied to improved waste treatment options with a view to improved recycle opportunities. We have the capacity to expand the study of crystallisation and polymorphism given our range of specialist equipment.

Our PIs can take a product from design, through development to large scale production and can augment any project with training, seminars, or bespoke masterclasses in supporting areas such as – hazards analysis, batch recording, green technologies, health & safety, validation and others for small molecule or bio/food ingredients, along with formulation and rheology for semi-solid products.


Tallaght Campus researchers have access to a Pharmaceutical Technology Centre (~450m2), and the bioprocessing unit within it, has been employed for food and pharma applications. The facility includes:

  • Pilot Plant: industrial scale formulation system, pasteurizer, filling-line and all necessary utilities, all automated by PLC
  • Technology Transfer: extensive facilities for synthetic, analytical and tabletting / ointment / creams facilities
  • Bioprocess Technology: Fermenters (2 to 100 Litre) and comprehensive downstream processing and support equipment
  • Automation Centre: standard automation facilities including PLC control, SCADA and batch management software

Current Service Provision

Powder characterisation, rheology, PSD, GCMS, LCMS, capillary and gel electrophoresis, DSC, FTIR, NIR, SEM/EDX, CSLM, microbiology and molecular techniques, enzymology, lab on chip technologies. Consultancy covering the following areas: GMP, GCP, GLP, Validation, Regulatory Affairs, Technology Transfer & Scale-up, Analytical Development, Lean manufacturing, Concept Facility Design, Manufacturing and Processing Technology, Clean Room Design and Control, Induction Training for new employees in API, Food, Chemical, Biopharma, Finished Dosage Form, Advanced Training in key Technical Areas.

Contact us here to start the conversation or Email  at Obi.Tallaght@TUDublin.ie
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