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Welcome to TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus, we hope this list of frequently asked questions and information below will help you while you settle in.


The Institute has changed policy on student mail which gives you the choice over which mail system you use to receive mail communications from the University. We are no longer be providing or supporting a student mail system but will send mail to the email address of your choice.  For full details please select here >>

Q - How do I find out about Registration and Induction?

A - Keep an eye on this page for information on Registration and Induction.

Q - How do get information about my college Fees?

A - Information on Fees, including a Fees FAQ section, is available by selecting here

Q - How do I get to the Institute?

A - Institute location map and access information - by car and public transport.
Luas information and timetables
Bus information and timetables

If you have a smartphone, be sure to download the free Dublin Bus app, which gives excellent real-time information for all bus routes.

Q - If I have a disability, is there assistance available?

A - Yes, please select here to see information about our Disability Office.  

Q - When are timetables available and who can I contact if I have a query?

A - Timetables are available at the beginning of semester on the web. They are posted in September. All queries around timetables will be dealt with by the administrators in the school offices. You can also access your timetables here - classtimetables

The School of Engineering office is located on the top floor.
The School of Business Office is located on the ground floor
The School of Science office is located on the first floor

Q - What is Moodle and how can I get help with how to use it?

A - Moodle is an e-learning platform / Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
Information pertaining to you course and assessments are available on Moodle.
Your lecturer will give you an enrolment key for your course and instruct you on how to use Moodle. The Celt office (located on the ground floor) can assist you with queries about Moodle.

Q - Where are the doctor and nurse’s station and how much does it cost and how to make an appointment?

A - All relevant information is available on the website here or else go directly to the nurse’s station located on the first floor near the yellow stairs.

Q - Who can help me with accommodation?

A - For information on accommodation please email

Q - How do I get access to a locker?

A - Keep an eye on the digital information screens in the Institute foyer. The caretakers will inform students about locker key distribution in September.

Q - How do I use the Library Service?

A - Visit the Institute Library website by clicking here

Q - Are there learning supports for full-time students?

A - Yes, please visit the Centre for Learning and Teaching for more information.

Q - Is there a crèche on campus?

A - There is a Crèche on campus and the cost is subsidised. Registered Full time students are eligible to apply for places and financial support will be provided for approved applicants. Select here for further details.

Q - Where do I buy books?

A - The book shop is located beside the rear entrance to the Institute on the ground floor. During semester the bookshop is open until 19:30 (16:00 on Fridays). The shop sells all essential recommended text books along with a range of related class materials, stationery, computer disks, confectionery and newspapers.

The students union shop also sells second hand books. It is also possible to re-sell your books to the Students Union book shop.

Q - How do I find my class?

A - Tips to remember: All class rooms on the ground floor begin with zero, i.e. Room 001 is the main auditorium classroom on the ground floor. On the first floor all classrooms begin with the number one. On the second floor all classrooms begin with the number two. All stairs are coloured, so a simple way to remember where a particular room is, is by remembering the colour of the stairwell nearby.

Q - How do I contact my lecturer?
- There is a staff search section on the front of the web site. Simply type in the name of your lecturer and you will have access to their email address and telephone number.

Q - Who do I talk to if I have a problem?

A - You can speak with any of the staff in the Students Union, or your class representative and they will help you or direct you to Institute services. Also, you can contact our counsellor Aisling O’Brien and she will assist you. Select here for Counselling service.

Q - How to access WIFI on my phone or laptop?

A - WIFI is available throughout the college. There are some instructions on how to log on if you visit this page. You can also visit the Computer Services Helpdesk on the top floor (beside the yellow stairs) to get assistance.

Q - Who are the caretakers?

A - The caretaker’s office is located in the main foyer of the Institute. The caretakers look after the day to day running of Institute facilities. The caretaker’s office is also responsible for lost property and student lockers management. John Heaney is the Head of Caretakers. They can be contacted at 404 2601 / 2610.

Q - Where does lost property go?

A - The caretaker’s office located in the Institute foyer look after all lost property.
Important Tip: We get lots of USB keys handed in without any identification. Please remember to name your USB key using your telephone number or student number.

Q - What do I need a student card for?

A - Everything! You will need your student card to access all services in the Institute. Keep you student card on you at all times. You can also avail of a student travel card. The student travel card company set up in the Institute foyer in September and May. Contact the students Union to get dates for this.

Q - How do I contact the student union?

A - The Student Union is available to answer your queries and assist you, where possible, with every aspect of college life including financial difficulties, health matters (including contraception), difficulties with college work or classes and college life in general.

Select here for contact details. They also have a Facebook.

Q - Is there a facility to lock my bicycle?

A - There is a facility to lock bicycles in the Institute; it is located just in front of the Student’s Union building.  

** Rules for smoking

There are two smoking areas in the college grounds. One is at the side entrance near the yellow stairs and the other is located near the student union building. You are not permitted to smoke at any other location in the Institute.

Q - How do I find out about Sports and Recreation, (including Clubs and Societies) or volunteering?

A - Select here to read more about Sports and Recreation. To find out about volunteering opportunities please contact the Chaplaincy Office..

Q - What is the Mezz?

A - Everyone asks this one! The Mezz, is short for Mezzanine, and is the recreation floor to the right at the top of the main stairs (where the café and Starbucks are).

Q - jargon Busters - What do They mean?

There are lots of terms specific to academic life at the Institute and here are a few that might help:
•CA - Continuous Assessment - A % of overall marks for a module can usually be made this way through assessments such as written work, class tests, essays, reports and projects.
•Campus - College facilities in one specific geographical spot
Credit Value - Each module carries a credit value towards the students final qualification.
•Department - A subdivision of a School. Each students is attached to a School/ Department i.e. Department of Computing (School of Science)
•GPA - Grade Point Value. E.G: you need a GPA of 2.0 to progress form one year to the next.
•Lecture - Group Teaching i.e. a big class
•Module - Each module is a subject on the course which groups together lectures, practicals & tutorials relating to a specific topic.
•Plagiarism - A serious academic offence, this is the deliberate representation of someone else's work as your own.
•Programme - This is the course students are studying, for example Bachelor of Business in Management.
•School - There are 3 schools in ITT Dublin, The School of Business, Engineering & Science each of which contains various Departments.
•Semester - In ITT Dublin the academic year is divided into two semesters (like school terms), winter and spring, with examinations at the end of each. A Higher Certificate comprises of four semesters, a degree has six and honours degree has eight semesters.
•Transcript - A detailed printed account of examination results.




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