NARIC Qualifications Assessment

For applicants holding overseas academic degree qualifications, (i.e. non-national degrees), the assessment of the candidate’s qualifications relies on the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) guidelines to which the Institute subscribes.

The European Network of Information Centres/National Academic Recognition Information Centre (ENIC/NARIC) is a network of national centres created to help improve the academic recognition of international awards and facilitating the integration of national education systems. See for more information on the Irish regulations regarding the recognition of foreign academic qualifications.

Current Campus Procedure:
Prior to the formal application for registration the proposed Candidate must provide the Principal Supervisor with details of their qualifications on the - Application Form for the Assessment of Academic Qualifications
The Office of the Registrar checks the qualification against the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC).
The Office of the Registrar communicates the outcome of NARIC check back to the Principal Supervisor before a formal registration application can proceed as per guidelines in the Application Proceedure page.
Where there is a serious doubt about comparability of standards in the qualifications of an overseas applicant the Registrar will make the final determination and may take advice on this from the campus Postgraduate Research Advisory Board and/or HETAC.

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