Nanomedicine – Molecular Motion and Delivery


Project title: Nanomedicine – Molecular Motion and Drug Delivery

Researcher: Krishnakumar Pillai

Objective: This project aims to rationally design and fabricate new catalytic materials which form the basis of fascinating new nanodevices – “NanoMotors” for delivery of therapeutic agents to a desired location. Despite the impressive progress so far, man-made nanomachines still lack the efficiency, functionality, and force of their biological counterparts and are limited to a very narrow range of environments and fuels (currently hydrogen peroxide/hydrazine). The search for the use of a more suitable fuel such as glucose is crucial to real applications. Moreover, a facile synthesis concept with surface modification could ultimately enable the fine-tuning of motor responses to magnetic, electrical, optical and mechanical stimuli. Improved understanding of the behaviour of catalytic nanomotors

Funding: EU FP7 Marie Curie Incoming International Fellowship









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