Management and Organisation

The research centre is co-ordinated by Prof. Eithne Dempsey BSc PhD MRSC CCHEM, Lecturer in Chemistry at ITT Dublin and Extraordinary professor of Chemistry at the University of the Western Cape, Capetown South Africa. She has held an academic position (Lecturer in Chemistry) at ITT Dublin since 1996, and currently manages the CREATE centre (see further details below). Since 1998, she has been successful in the acquisition of MSc, PhD and postdoctoral research funding, securing >€4.5M in funding over this period from sources which include EU FP6 and 7- Marie Curie IIF and IRSES, Enterprise Ireland, Technological Sector Research Strands 1 and III, Environmental Protection Agency and Science Foundation Ireland.

She was one of the three member Project Management team which successfully secured >€10M for a capital programme at ITT Dublin, under the Programme for Research in Third level Institutes (PRTLI) (Cycle 4 2007) and remains leader of the Biomedical Devices Thematic Area within the Centre of Applied Science for Health (CASH) at ITT Dublin. 14 PhD and MSc students have graduated under the direct supervision of Prof. Dempsey providing a range of dissemination mechanisms, oral and poster international conference participation, patents and publications in peer reviewed journals (> 50) in areas such as electroanalytical sensor technology (environmental and biomedical applications), nanomaterials (synthesis and characterisation), microdialysis, nanofabrication, and conducting polymers.


In 2005 (and once again in 2013), Prof. Dempsey was part of a team which secured >€2.5 M through the Enterprise Ireland Applied Research Enhancement programme to establish the Technology Gateway Microsensors for Clinical Research and Analysis - MiCRA Biodiagnostics ( The innovation focus within the Technology Gateway is currently aligned with the needs of the healthcare industry within Ireland and captures the diagnostic, medical device, microelectronics and environmental monitoring sectors via successful regional and national enterprise engagement. This interaction identifies innovative technologies, market needs and potential routes to commercialisation.




Prof. Eithne Demsey

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