Student E-Mail systems retirement

Both the ITnet & MyMail/ITTD student E-Mail systems will be retired from use in June 2015. You should plan to import your E-Mail from these services into another E-Mail provider and update any subscriptions you have.

To import your E-Mail into Google Mail (GMail) or Microsoft (Office 365, or you can use POP or IMAP access to your mailbox. GMail uses POP and Microsort IMAP.

Importing into Outlook/Hotmail/

  • In your microsoft account
  • click on settings 
  • Options
  • Import email accounts
  • Click on "Other email provider" and enter your student E-Mail address and  password.
  • Click on advanced and set the IMAP server to as per the below.

Outlook Import
Your E-Mail will now be imported into your Microsoft account. You should set up a rule in your account to forward any new messages to your Microsoft account. 

To add a forward in MyMail/

Click on settings  and then "Manage Rules"

Set up a rule like the one below where teh Recipient is your current student E-Mail address and the "forward to" point to your new E-Mail account.

To add a forwarding rule in ITnet.

  • To set up a rule in your ITNet account
  • log in and click on the setting button up the top (Red circle)
  • Then Mailbox Management (green circle)
  • Change "Forward All New Messages" to yes and enter in the E-Mail address of the account you would like all new messages to be sent to (yellow boxes)
  • You can also set an auto-reply to send with a message (blue box).

Importing accouts into GMail

Importing into GMail involves a few more steps - please follow the instructions in the video below for both ITnet and MyMail/

Importing ITnet email & contacts into Gmail


Importing MyMail/ email & contacts into Gmail

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