How To

How do I log on to a PC?

Enter your username and password and select the appropriate domain.
- Your user name is your student number (including the letter X), e.g X00014321.
- Your network password.

Business and Humanities students log on to the STU domain.
Science & Computing students log onto the COMPUTING domain.
Engineering students log onto the ENG Domain.

For security purposes we recommend that you change your password when you first log on to the system.

How do I access the Wireless Network?

Eduroam - The wireless network allows you to connect to the TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus network using your laptop computer at various locations around the campus. To connect to the wireless network from your laptop; please view this page  If you experience difficulties, call the IT support desk, Extension 2555.

Where do I store my computer files stores?

The computer’s C & D drives cannot be used for storing personal files.

You may save your files in your OneDrive account or on the H drive of the TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus network. Your H drive has a minimum of 30mb allocated to each student, the maximum storage space varies depending on course requirements. Each student is advised to make regular back ups of their work onto USB memory sticks. Memory sticks (USB) can be purchased in the campus shop. Information regarding hardware and software special offers and discounts for students can be obtained from the IT Support Desk.  

What other support facilities exist?

All departments have specialised computer laboratories for design, analysis, problem solving and presentation in every field of study. For this purpose both the School of Engineering and the School of Science have their own specialist technicians that support their specific labs.

Internet access

As well as having access to computer networks within the Institute,  Internet access is also available which allows for the acquisition of information suitable for student project and research work. Internet access is controlled and monitored to ensure proper usage of the Institute’s facilities. 

Network Access

Each full time registered student has a unique ID and password, which allows access to the Institute’s network. You will be shown how to login at the start of semester. Login IDs and Passwords are not to be shared. Each student has access to store course related work on the network. 

What Printing Facilities are available in the computer labs?

Printing is available in all computing labs and post graduate accommodation. The Reprographics Centre maintains all printing and copying devices in the campus. The Reprographics Centre is managed by MJ Flood and is located on the first floor beside the yellow stairs.

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