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Graduates Outcome Survey 2021

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is a national survey distributed to all graduates of higher education institutions (HEIs), 9 months after graduation. From the most recent publication, 80% of graduates were working or due to start work 9 months after graduation. The outputs of this nationwide study focus not solely on future graduates but highlights the current constraints or demands on new graduates. Moreover, in-depth analyses are provided for international graduates and postgraduates, demonstrating the scope and representativeness of this study and more importantly, the far-reaching implications of this study.

Factors explored in the report include employment outcomes, source of employment, location of employment, graduate salaries, relevancy of studies, enrolment on further studies, and much more. These factors are further broken down by factors such as gender, field of study, institute type and level of study.

The introduction of a new survey followed extensive collaboration between the HEA, HEIs and all relevant stakeholders.

Survey Cohort:

Given that the functions of a Technological University are to provide “programmes of education and training, facilities for all levels of higher education within the Framework, including technological and professional education”, and that TU Dublin produces significant numbers of level 6 and level 7 graduates annually, it is appropriate to include graduates of level 6 – 10 in the survey cohort.

Graduates of level 6 and 7 programmes (institutes of technology and technological universities)

Given the nature of student progression from level 6 to level 7, and from level 7 to level 8 the following arrangement will apply to graduates of level 6 and level 7 programmes. This arrangement is in place to ensure the completeness of the record for graduates of level 6 and level 7 programmes:

Graduates of level 8, 9 and 10 programmes (all HEIs)

All graduates of major level 8, 9 or 10 awards should be surveyed (noting the exception in relation to CPD above).


TU Dublin Tallaght is now conducting the annual Graduate Outcomes Survey to find out what you have been doing since you graduated from TU Dublin (Tallaght) in 2020.

Can you please take a few minutes to complete the survey (please select the link below) to give us a little more information about you and provide us with invaluable feedback. Select the link here and then scroll down the list to find the TU Dublin Tallaght Campus survey. In the coming days all eligible students will also be emailed the link to the survey and / or sent text with the link.

Over the coming weeks you may also receive a call from TU Dublin Tallaght asking you to complete the graduate outcomes survey.

Further information is also available here:

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