CSinc or Computer Science inclusive

CSinc or Computer Science inclusive has been running in TU Dublin Tallaght campus for the past three years.  CSinc has two main areas, first the team visits schools in a national outreach program where in the past three years the team  (Karen Nolan, Roisin Faherty and Keith Quille) have reached over 300 schools. When the team visits a school, they run outreach camps for about 2 hours per group and in many cases, CSinc can reach three groups in a single day. Over the past three year’s CSinc has worked with over 9700 students. In addition, the schools self-select to take part in the outreach programs, where the diversity of the camps has also been a focus. This has been shown in the strong uptake by female participants, where this year over 66% of the participants were female students. This outreach is a national program, where the team have visited schools in nearly every county in Ireland.

The second area aims to help sustain the computer science outreach effort, where CSinc has been providing teacher professional development sessions. This is to help further support teachers in the development of computer science across the formal and informal curricula. In the three years that CSinc has been running the teacher professional development programs, over 1600 teachers have taken part, with a focus on the new Leaving Certificate computer science subject also the Junior Cycle short course in coding.

This year with the very unprecedented situation that faces us all, the CSinc team have moved all of the summer camps online. This saw an amazing response as any student in any county in Ireland could apply and take part in the online sessions. This was open for all secondary school students from first to six year, where the uptake has been across Ireland from Cork to Donegal. Within two days over opening the registration for the camp’s they booked out, with two hundred students attending each camp. This relationship with the schools and trust that the team have built has been the primary driver for student uptake.

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