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TU Dublin Announces 
New Fully Funded Intake to its Data Centre Technician Training Programme with Amazon Web Services

AWS helps local talent gain in-demand skills for well-paid technical careers through a new fully-funded Bursary Programme 

TU Dublin - Tallaght, Data Centre Technician training Programme with AWS
Dublin, Ireland – June 21, 2019 – Following on the successful operation of its first Date Centre Technician Programme, TU Dublin and Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced a new intake to the Data Centre Technician Training Programme at Tallaght Campus to help local talent fulfill their ambitions of building a career in technology.

The course trains students in installation, configuration, maintenance, repair, and security of a data centre’s hardware and networking systems. They learn all the skills they’ll need to begin a career in data centres and cloud computing, and the course offers the chance to put those skills to the test with paid work placements on offer with AWS. 
The first cohort of trainees came from a huge variety of backgrounds and experiences. A ballet dancer, actor, and police officer successfully completed the course and internship – and that was just one student! You can read his story and that of two others below. All the participants in the course are now ready for careers in the cloud. Applications for the 2019-20 programme close on July 12. More information on the programme along with how to apply is available by selecting here.

Data Centre infrastructure continues to grow in Ireland and with each new facility comes the need for trained and highly skilled employees to make sure the technology is installed properly and running smoothly. Realizing the opportunity for local workforce development and to bring more high paid jobs to the community, IT Tallaght worked with AWS to design this new program to prepare students for jobs as data centre technicians. 

Students interested in learning more about the Data Centre Technician Programme can attend an information session at TU Dublin Tallaght Campus Tallaght on July 10th. Applications for the programme are open now. 

Emmet Kelly - AWS Data Technician Training programme at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus
Emmet Kelly

Immediately after leaving school Emmet threw himself into an apprenticeship, learning his trade as a car mechanic – something he’d always dreamed of doing. He spent 15 years breathing new life into cars before the itch to try something new began. He considered an engineering degree and attended an open day at TUD-Tallaght to find out more. He was born and raised minutes away from the Technical University in Tallaght; his first visit there would prove to be a significant one. It was at that university open day in conversation with an AWS employee that he first heard about the AWS-supported Data Centre Technician Programme, and the latest chapter in his life began with a question: “Do you like fixing things?” It was easy enough for Emmet, the mechanic with 15 years’ experience, to answer.

Going back to college marked a shift in intensity for Emmet but he rose to the challenge, studying for eight months through a series of evening and weekend lectures, workshops, and plenty of homework. When he started the course, Emmet says his computer literacy just about extended to sending an email – and he worried a little about the prospect of drowning in software text. But he soon discovered the breadth of different roles available to him and chose to pursue a hardware-focused route. While getting to grips with a whole range of new technologies and devices, he learned the ropes of software development and scripting at night and weekends – all while continuing to fix cars and vans in the daytime. 

The Data Centre Technician Programme also offered the opportunity to continue learning as an intern at AWS, which Emmet took up after completing his course. The chance to learn on the job is proving invaluable. 

He’s still fixing things everyday – it’s in his nature – but in his new role he doesn’t return home covered in engine oil. 

Icler Oliviera - AWS Data Technician Training programme at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus
Icler Oliveira
Icler is not who you might picture when asked to describe a member of the Brazilian police force. He might not be who you picture when you imagine a ballet dancer or an actor either. Or someone who uses their sign language skills to help deaf people in the street. But Icler is all of these things. And he’s a trainee Data Centre Technician too.

After leaving high school, Icler – already a keen performer – studied at drama school to hone his acting skills. He lived and worked as an actor and dancer for 15 years, before a complete career shift saw him spend a decade pounding the streets, making arrests, and serving the local community as a duty police officer. When he arrived in Ireland in 2011 to study and improve his English, he had no plans to stay on longer than his college course. Fast forward seven years and his life has taken yet another pirouetting turn.

After completing a qualification in computer science, Icler was hungry to learn more about the hardware powering our networks. He applied for the Data Centre Technician Programme at TUD-Tallaght, commenced an internship at AWS, and now aims to graduate and be ready for a full time technician role.

There’s a thread of creativity and problem solving that runs though Icler’s life to date, and everything he’s done in his past – as varied and colourful as it has been – it still feeds into his day-to-day work in the data centre. This work involves learning, growing, and discovering more every day. When asked whether it felt strange returning to study after so many years working, both as an actor and a police officer, Icler says it just felt like a continuation: he’s never stopped learning, so these were just new lessons to take up. He says that being able to envision his dreams and work hard to make those dreams a reality – whatever they may be, and wherever they may take him – is the only philosophy he lives by.

Adam Gabarov - AWS Data Technician Training programme at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus
Adam Gabarov

For Adam, data centres represent a stability and security that hasn’t always been present in his life.

In 2004 he left difficult circumstances in Chechnya and sought asylum in Ireland. He laid his head where he could, staying in a hostel and living in a constant state of flux. His temporary accommodation made it difficult to plan for a future that never looked anything but uncertain – that didn’t dissuade him.

It took nine years for Adam to be granted the necessary papers for him to settle and begin working in Ireland. Permit in hand, he applied for a job working as a security guard and would end up with a contract to watch over an AWS data centre – and, of course, all the technicians hard at work to keep their systems running. Occasionally he’d talk with these engineers, gleaning insights from them about what they were doing and how they filled their days. He was fascinated with the job. When he heard from a colleague about TUD-Tallaght’s Data Centre Technician Programme he didn’t think twice before applying.

Going into formal education in a new country and speaking a different language felt like starting from square one all over again. It was a huge challenge. But, motivated and inspired by the technicians he’d met and befriended at AWS, Adam pressed on. He was supported by classmates and lecturers who recognised his potential and saw his drive. One teacher in particular spoke of his decision to take up a new profession at the age of 40, and his journey to achieving a PhD in the face of challenging circumstances. Adam was inspired.

He took on an internship at the data centre and was able to put his learning to practical use, getting hands-on experience of maintaining and fixing systems. Everything began to make sense, and Adam found his experience at study and at work pointing him in a new, surer direction. His application for a full time role at AWS was successful, and in 2019 Adam’s career as a data technician has officially begun.


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