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What is Eduroam

How to Connect
What is Eduroam?
Supported Platforms
Eduroam Technical Information

Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) allows users from participating academic institutions secure Internet access at any eduroam-enabled institution.

The architecture that enables this is based on a number of technologies and agreements, which together provide the eduroam user experience: “open your laptop and be online”.

The basic principle underpinning the security of eduroam is that the authentication of a user is carried out at his/her home institution using the institution’s specific authentication method. The authorisation required to allow access to local network resources is carried out by the visited network

Who can use the Service
Faculty and Students of ITTDublin can use it onsite and also at other participating sites  

ITTDublin visitors whose home site is an active participant in the eduroam program, may also use the service.

Please check that you can connect in your home institute as login problems can be difficult to troubleshoot.

Where can I use this service?
The eduroam service is available all around the world. For a full list of which educational facilities offer the eduroam service, please click here

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