Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing with Data Analytics

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  • Type of Qualification:

    Honours Bachelor Degree

  • Duration

    2-3 nights per week (6-10pm)

About the Course

Our BSc degree in Computing has been updated for 2017-2018 to include new modules in the area of Data Analytics based on industry requirements. IT companies require graduates to have strong computing skills. However, companies are realising the potential of the data they have collected and therefore this degree combines both core computing and data analytical skills. Students will graduate from this programme having a deep understanding of computing applications development within several key areas and with the knowledge of how to transform big data into specific information for key stakeholders.

This award is targeted at learners identified in the 2017 Guidance for Higher Education Providers on current and future skills needs of enterprise’. This programme provides high level ICT Skills and Big Data Skills. Participants on this programme will have a minimum level 7 award with competence in statistics, IT and scripting/ programming.

In this information age many organisations are ‘data-rich, information poor’. Modern IT Systems permit the accumulation of phenomenal amounts of data, however turning this data into useful information for a business or organisation is another matter.

Students of the programme will have a strong set of computing knowledge and skills allied to specific computing focused data analytics skills. They will be given a sufficient grounding in data analysis and database operation to be able to perform basic well founded data analysis. Students will further receive a solid grounding in data reporting, presentation and visualisation.

The course would particularly suit anyone who has already worked in an information technology role and who now needs to update or up skill in order to access current job opportunities.

The report by the EGFSN/Forfás, ‘Assessing the Demand for Big Data and Analytics Skills in Ireland 2013-2020’, forecasts a continuing strong demand for data analytics and related skills across the economy. Companies envisage that they will continue to need to recruit both experienced individuals and new graduates in these areas in the future.

Entry Level

Applicants require a level 7 award or equivalent in a cognate area with skills in Statistics, Scripting, Databases and related IT/ Business skills.

Important Course Information

A Flexible Information Technology Education (FLITE) programme.

This programme is delivered using a blended learning model so students have some choice about when they attend. This allows each student to match their study with home, family, work or social commitments.

  • Classes and laboratories are delivered typically 2.5 or 3 evenings per week.
  • Attendance is only compulsory for continuous assessments. (An assessment schedule is given at the beginning of the semester.)
  • You choose what to attend based on your own skills and knowledge – use the Saturday sessions to catch up if you don’t make a particular class.
  • On Saturday mornings tutors are available provide support with the subjects on the programme. Typically people seek to go over material where they missed a class during the week or seek extra help with areas they are finding difficult. Extra classes can be arranged in response to demand.
  • All lecture notes and a range of other supporting resources are available over the web via a learning management system.


Course Content

Semester 1


Visual Design & User Experience
Critical Skills Development
Business & Information Systems
Discrete Mathematics 1
Computer Architecture
Software Development 1

Semester 2


Systems Analysis
Database Fundamentals
Operating Systems Fundamentals
Social Media Communications
Software Development 2

Semester 3


Discrete Mathematics 2
Network Fundamentals
Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Client-Side Web Development
Advanced Database Technologies


IT Scripting & Automation
Software Development 3

Semester 4


Data Administration and Analysis
Management Science
Information Security
Routing & Switching Essentials


IT Service Management
Software Development 4

Semester 5


Cloud Services & Distributed Computing
Server-Side Web Development
Big Data Technologies
Data Analysis
Operating Systems


Advanced Routing & Switching
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Data Structures and Algorithms

Semester 6


Experiential Learning

Semester 7


Applied Machine Learning
Interactive Media Design & Visualisation
Social Media Analysis
Information Management


Security for the cloud and IoT
DevOps - Continuous Integration and Deployment

Semester 8


IT Governance and Quality
Data Analysis and Programming
Applied Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
Project - Data Analytics Specialisation


Enterprise Performance Architecture
Operations Research
User Experience Design

Fees & Funding

How to Apply

Applications to this programme are made online 

Further Information

Programme Leader
Barry Feeney, Head of Computing, ITT
Dublin. Tel: +353 1 404-2402
or e-mail


More Information
Information Desk, Department of Lifelong
Learning. Tel: 01 404-2101
or e-mail:

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