International Digital Management & Sales

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  • Type of Qualification:

    Ordinary Bachelor Degree

  • Duration

    One Year

  • Timetable

    Mon, Tue & Thursday 6-10pm. There will be some flexibility in the delivery with the use of online learning in some modules.

About the Course

International Digital Management & Sales at IT TallaghtThis one-year programme provides education and training in the use of digital technologies to trade internationally.  Participants will develop skills in the following areas: sales management, negotiation skills, customer relationship management (in an international and multicultural context), data analytics, supply chain management, technology/IP/copyright law and market entry strategies.  Particular focus is placed on developing, managing and monitoring a sales process using analytical and CRM software in both domestic and international markets. 

The skills promoted are relevant for all sectors of industry, including the ICT sector as well as other internationally-trading business sectors.


Language Electives - Optional

The programme enables participants to develop fluency in a foreign language.  However, taking a foreign language is not obligatory.  If applicants already have fluency in a foreign language (e.g. Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Danish,  Polish or Portuguese) they can develop their fluency in the English language.  


Need to Upskill in Specific Areas?  The Programme is Flexible

If you need to upskill in specific areas - such as social media management and/or digital marketing - you can study individual modules and obtain single subject certification.  You can study at your own pace and do the programme over a longer period or receive credits and certification for modules taken

Entry Level

NFQ Level 6 in any area business/engineering/computing/social science or equivalent qualification.

Important Course Information

The objective of the programme is to produce a graduate with a specialised level of knowledge, skill and competency in the field of digital technologies and international sales management. 

The award is targeted, in particular,  at learners identified in the Forfas/EGFSN Report, “Guidance for Higher Education Providers on current and future skills needs of enterprise”(2014, pp.25–30), and the EGFSN/Forfas Report, “ Skills for Enterprise to Trade Internationally” (2012).   These reports identified a major future skills shortage in digital business skills across all enterprise sectors at level 7.  The programme is funded under Springboard,

Career Opportunities

International Digital Management & Sales at IT TallaghtGraduates will be able to work in the following roles: Digital Media Manager, Digital &Social Media Strategist, Social Media Manager, Digital Customer Services Manager, Sales & Account Management, International Sales Executive, Analytical Lead, International Product Support Manager, Sales Operations Manager, Business Analyst, Business Consultant (Graduate Level), Marketing & Sales Executive, Associate Account Strategist, SMB Business Support Agent, Data Analyst, Product Quality Analyst, Community Manager.

The programme will prepare participants for employment across all sectors of manufacturing and services.   As well as data analytics and language skills, graduates will acquire generic skills such as communications and team working, skills for creativity, innovation and design and sales and entrepreneurial competencies.   


Fees & Funding

How to Apply

Applications are made online



Further Information

For further information contact the Programme Co-ordinator: , tel. 4042807


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