Health and safety statements

What is the situation regarding Health & Safety in the campus ?
TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for students and staff in accordance with the Health & Safety & Welfare at Work Act 1989. In order to maintain health and safety standards, students are obliged to comply with certain rules, regulations and procedures as contained in the Student Handbook or as notified from time to time.

What should I do in the event of an accident ?
In the event of an accident on campus premises or a sports injury off campus students should immediately notify an appropriate staff member and the campus Nurse - [particularly where an injury has occurred]. In addition, an Accident/Incident Report Form, available from the School Secretary/Health Centre/Caretakers Office must be completed and returned within 24 hours of the accident. Full time students are covered by personal accident insurance which covers accidents while on and off campus. [Go here for more insurance details].

A number of staff are trained in First Aid and First Aid kits are available throughout the campus. Kits are also available to Clubs and Societies. Students will be briefed on particular procedures within their own individual academic Departments.

Safety Statements:

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