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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration 




I have not received any e-mails from CAO, what should I do?

You should check the email address on your CAO account is correct.  Also check the "Junk" or "Spam" folder in your e-mail account and mark CAO e-mails as "not junk" or "not spam". 

Courses of preference

Students will only be offered a place on a course in order of preference.   If a student is offered preference no 3 on their list in round 1, they could be offered preference no 1 in round 2, if places are available and the applicant meets the minimum entry requirements the applicant must accept their offer if they wish to go to college.  They will not be offered any other places higher on their preference list, if they do not accept the first offer.


What do I do if I want to defer my offer of a place in college?

Do NOT accept the offer.

Write or email IMMEDIATELY to The Registrar, Dr Ken Carroll, TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus, Dublin 24, giving your name as it appears on your CAO application, quote your 2020 CAO Application Number and the Course Code of the offer you wish to defer, and set out the reason for the deferral request. It should be marked "DEFERRED ENTRY REQUEST" clearly on the envelope or in the Subject Line of your email.

The letter or email must be submitted at least two days before the "Reply Date" shown on the Offer Notice.

If the deferral is not granted by TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus, the student may then accept the offer of the college place for the current year.


Communications about deferrals should not be sent directly to CAO.

Applicants who request a deferral in order to take up a different third level place in the CAO system will not be granted deferred entry by TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus.


If the deferral request is granted ...

To take up your place again on the programme you must re-apply to the CAO again next year. When doing so you must:

Place the deferred course as your first and only preference on the CAO application form.



I didn’t get an offer from CAO, what can I do?

If you have not been offered a place on any course, you should check the Vacant Places on the CAO website


Vacant places are places that remain unfilled in particular courses after all offers have been made and waiting lists have been exhausted.  For ‘Available Places’ courses, applicants should ignore previously published points in earlier offer rounds, but must meet the minimum entry requirements.


Available Places courses are advertised on the CAO website for part of July and after Round One offers are issued in August – go to  and click on the Available Places tab. This facility is open to new and existing CAO applicants.



Orientation for 1st year students and Transfer / Advanced Entry Students


I have just accepted my offer from CAO. What happens next?

You will receive an email communication with details on how to pay fees and complete regsitration. Registration will be completed online.


When is Orientation scheduled for 1st Year full-time students?

Registration and Orientation for first year full-time programmes (Round A, 0 and 1) will take place from  21st September 2020.   Students who accept an offer in later CAO rounds, will be contacted by email detailing when and where to register. 



 When do full-time classes start?

Classes for all first year full-time students start on Monday 28th September 2020, unless otherwise advised by the Department.


I have a medical card form/social welfare form that needs to be stamped. Where do I go?

You will need to register on your course first, then your school office will stamp your form for you.


If I am not a first year student, but I am new to the College, how do I register?

Students who are transferring from another college, will be invited to complete registration online. Students will also be contacted by email nearer to the scheduled date.


How do full-time students on a continuing programme register?

Students who have successfully completed the year by passing all modules and achieving a GPA of  2.0 or more, on an Ab initio programme, will receive an invitation to register online by email.


Students who have accepted a place on an add-on programme, will receive an email advising them of the next steps.


 Where can I collect my Student ID card?

Student Cards for new 1st year students will be printed and posted to students following registration. . Continuing Students  - The card issued to you in at the beginning of your studies, will be valid for Academic Year 2020/21 unless you have progressed to a new programme


I want to withdraw from the course, what do I do?

If you wish to withdraw you will need to complete a Withdrawal Form which is available from our website. 

Students who withdraw before 31st October are entitled to a refund of the Student Contribution. There is an administration charge of €130. Students who withdraw after 31st October and return to full time third level education in the future you may be liable for additional fees.


When are repeat examination results available?

Repeat exam results will be released online on 17th September 2020


Repeat students will not have access to services until their results are known and they have completed their registration for 2020-21.


I'm a continuing student, what is the deadline by which I need to complete by registration for the academic session 2020-21?

Students need to confirm to us that they intend to return to the next year of their course and make the minimum payment of €750 or submission of a SUSI application number by Friday 14th August 2020. Registration will then close to facilitate repeat examinations and will re-open in September 2020. All eligible students will be be contacted by email upon reopening of registration.


Where should I go for classes?

Arrangements regarding classes and tutorials will be advised at a later stage.


Does every student have to pay the minimum amount of €750?

Yes, the payment applies to both full-time and part-time students.

The only exception is full time students who have applied for the SUSI grant, they will not have to make this payment while they are awaiting a decision on their SUSI grant application. 

SUSI grant applicants must provide us with their SUSI application number as part of their registration.


What happens if I don’t pay the €750 registration fee?

You will not be registered or have access to systems and services to engage fully with your course. For example, you will not have access to Moodle to see your lecture notes or submit assignments, complete online assessments.


My employer is paying my fees but will not be in a position to pay before 13th September 2020, will I have access to services?

Students who are sponsored by third parties must provide a completed declaration form stamped by their sponsor and they are not required to pay €750 prior to commencement of classes but must adhere to the 31st October and 31st January payment deadlines


What happens if I miss a payment by the October or January payment dates?

Your account will be placed on hold and you will not have access to the services you will need and examination results.


Is there a financial penalty if I am late meeting any of the payment deadlines?

Yes, there is a financial penalty of €130.

Can I pay the total amount of fees owing at the beginning of the year?

Yes, online payments can be made at and you will have access to services all year and your examination results.


Can I make payments in Instalments?

Yes, once the €750 registration fee has been paid, you can make payment by instalment daily, weekly, monthly at


How do I know if my payment attempt was successful?

You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have provided online. Email addresses and phone numbers can be updated on Moodle





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