How to apply for an exam deferral

Examination Deferral Application -  Closing date is the Thursday 02nd Septemeber 2021 @ 5.00pm - Late applications will not be considered. 

Please read the below information relating to seeking a deferral of examination and email your deferral form along with your relevant supporting documentation to the email address on the deferral form. 

Please click form Deferral Form 

Examination Deferral Information:

Granting of a deferral will only be considered where there are verifiable compelling mitigating circumstances beyond the student’s control impacting ability to attend for examination. These may include:

  • Serious medical condition or injury preventing attendance for or completion of examination.
  • Bereavement of immediate close family members such as parents or siblings or guardians.
  • A traumatic experience which may include but is not limited to personal involvement in or witnessing of a very serious accident or crime or victim of serious crime committed against the person.

Where a deferral is granted, the student will be allowed postpone the identified examination(s) until the next formal offering of that examination (for January and May exams, this will normally be during the following August). Consecutive deferrals will not normally be considered.

In the case of project / thesis / report submissions deferral where granted will allow the student postpone submission until the next examination session. The student will be required to agree submission protocols with the lecturer/supervisor concerned.

Deferral is not an entitlement to re-attend and avail of tuition free of charge in the following academic year.

Deferral requests will only be considered when the following steps are followed:

Complete and sign the above Examination Deferral Request Form in full.

Clearly state the reasons for your request and provide relevant supporting documentation (e.g. certified medical certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, Garda report).

Submit completed forms to the Office of the Registrar or the email address on the deferral form along with all supporting documentation on or the stated deadline. Late applications cannot be considered.

You may be liable for tuition fee if you choose to attend classes again for these modules. If you wish to apply for a deferral of a module or semester, please apply to the Registrar using the correct forms to request same.

Applicants will be advised by email or in writing of the outcome of their application.

Consequences of Examination Deferrals

  • a) Progression for students to the next year of their programme, or graduation if in final year, will be based, as normal, on the successful completion of both Semester 1 and Semester 2 modules. 
  • b) A student failing a supplemental / repeat examination may not be able to progress in their studies, or to graduate if in their final year of study, until such time as they successfully complete those examinations. 
  • c) A second deferral of an examination will only be allowed under the most exceptional of circumstances.

Personal Circumstances Affecting Examination Performance Form

This form is only to be used where the student believe their performance has been affected by personal unforeseeable extenuating circumstances. Any claims must have supporting documentary evidence (medical certificate/bereavement notice etc.). No application can be accepted after May 2021.

Student progression or graduation continues to be dependent upon successful completion of all modules in the normal way. Students cannot carry failed modules. 




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