Competence in English

Classes for full-time programmes are generally taught in English. If English is not your first language you must demonstrate to TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus that you speak and write English competently. This will ensure that you will get the best out of the programme you join. There are a number of ways you can show you are competent in English.

If you have studied English in school:

When completing your CAO application form provide evidence that you have studied and passed English as part of a school Leaving Certificate or matriculation programme

  • Provide the original of your school or matriculation certificate.
  • If the certificate is not English you must also provide a certified English translation.

If you have not studied English in school:

Provide evidence that you have successfully completed a recognised examination in English competency. The recognised English competency examinations are listed in Table 1. If you have completed an examination in English competency that is not listed here you should:

  • Provide the original of your certificate or transcript. The document should state the qualification obtained, the level of the award and the awarding body.
  • If the certificate is not in English you must also attach a certified English translation of the certificate or transcript. TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus will consider your evidence and may ask you to complete a test to determine how well you speak and write English. If you require any further information please contact Student and Academic Affairs

Head Start Academic English Programme 

The Head Start Academic English programme aims to allow prospective to develop a good foundation for the academic writing they will need for studying at third level. 

Who is this course for?

The course is for all full time and part time prospective students of TU Dublin Tallaght-Campus. The course will act as a refresher for those who have recently left school or for mature students that have been out of the education system for some time. 

Entry Requirements 

The course is open to all prospective students.

Course Cost

The course is free to all mature full time students who have applied to TU Dublin Tallaght-Campus through the CAO.

The course is free to all prospective students who have applied based on an FET qualification for entry to TU Dublin Tallaght-Campus through the CAO.

The course is free to all unemployed prospective part time students.

The cost for all employed prospective part time students is €100 payable on application (Postal order or Bank Draft -  NO CASH is accepted)

Course Timetable

The course runs on 5 consecutive Saturday mornings from 10:00 - 13:00.

The course will be run twice over the coming months:

Cohort 2:           Saturday 26 May – Saturday 30 June 2018

Cohort 3:           Saturday 11 August – Saturday 1 Sept 2018

Course Summary

The course will provide you with opportunities to cover the following topics:

  • Punctuation
  • Common misspelt words
  • How to paraphrase
  • How to write a summary
  • Plagiarism and referencing
  • Software used to detect plagiarism
  • How to write an essay
  • How to write a report
  • Writing laboratory reports
  • Developing the technical language of your discipline
  • How to tackle and Assignment
  • Reviewing words used in assignments and what they require you to do
  • Evaluating the quality of online information

For further information or enquiries - Please contact

Access English Test offered at TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus

If you would like to register for a programme in TU Dublin, but you cannot provide any evidence that your English is at the required standard for entry then you have the option of completing the TU Dublin Access English Test.  The test consists of a listening test and grammar test and lasts approximately one hour.  The cost of the test is €100 which is deducted from the programme fee if you pass the test and are accepted on your chosen programme.

Each test is run from 18:00 to 19:30.  The dates and times of the tests are subject to change.  Please check back for updates.

If you require any further information please contact the Department of Lifelong Learning:

For further infromation or enquiries - Please contact

Competence in English Table

This table below provides guidance to a Minimum standard required in English Language Examinations. In certain circumstances results in examinations other than those outlined above may be accepted as proof of competence in the English language. For example

(i) students who have successfully achieved a grade in an examination which is deemed by an Institute to be the equivalent of the Irish Leaving Certificate and
(ii) non native speakers of English who have completed their education through the medium of English.

(Achievement of the minimum standard in EFL tests satisfies the English minimum entry standard, but it is not used to compute points).

english competence table


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